Getting started

Westpac Pay is a secure mobile app that allows you to buy things with your phone at contactless enabled terminals both in NZ and overseas. 

Customers who have Westpac One, a Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled Android phone that operates Android 5.0+ software and an eligible Westpac credit or debit Mastercard.

Check your phone settings to see what Android software version you are using and if your phone has NFC connectivity.

Debit Mastercard®
Airpoints™ Debit Mastercard
Low Rate Mastercard
hotpoints® Mastercard
hotpoints Platinum Mastercard
hotpoints World Mastercard
BusinessPLUS Mastercard
Airpoints Mastercard
Airpoints Platinum Mastercard
Airpoints World Mastercard
Airpoints Business Mastercard

No, Westpac Pay is complementary to your physical Mastercard. Remember that not all retailers will have contactless terminals at this time, so it is important that you also carry your physical card to ensure you can make payments.

There are three different payment preferences in Westpac Pay:

  1. Wake to Pay - Simply light up your phone and place it over the contactless terminal to pay.
  2. Unlock and Pay - Payments can only be made when your phone is unlocked.
  3. Login and Pay - Payments can only be made when you are logged in to Westpac Pay.

1. Go to Google Play store and download the Westpac Pay app
2. Accept terms and conditions
3. Authenticate your account using your Westpac One login details
4. Set Westpac Pay as your default mobile payment application
5. Turn on NFC
6. Add card/s

Simply press the + at the bottom right of your screen and follow the prompts.

Making payments

It depends on the security option you’ve chosen.

1. Wake to Pay – Simply light up your phone and place it over a contactless terminal to pay.
2. Unlock to Pay – Unlock your phone and place it over a contactless terminal to pay.
3. Login to Westpac Pay – Unlock your phone and login to Westpac Pay before placing your phone over a contactless terminal to pay.

When you’re making your payment, make sure you place your phone nice and close to the terminal like you would with your card, hold it for a few seconds and wait for the vibration. Remember, just like with your card, the terminal will let you know if you’re payment has been accepted.

When you have made a connection with the terminal, your phone will let you know that the payment is in progress. To check if the transaction has been successful, check for “accepted” to be displayed on the terminal.
If your notifications are turned on you will be notified by your phone that your payment has been successful. You will also able to see the purchase in your transaction list after the payment has been approved.

At any contactless enabled terminal (these should display a contactless icon). If you’re not sure if the terminal accepts contactless payments, check with your retailer.

Yes, the same contactless payment rules that apply to your physical card, will also apply to Westpac Pay, so: 
- If the purchase amount is less than the local country limit, you won’t be required to enter your PIN. 
- For transactions over the local country limit, you’ll be required to enter a PIN (which will be the same PIN that you use for your physical card) and prompted to enter it on the payment terminal.

Hold it close and steady Don’t move the phone around when you are holding it over the payment terminal. The distance between your phone and payment terminal should be less than 1-3cm.

Try a different position – The NFC reader is in different places for different phones. try placing your phone sideways (landscape position) or diagonally over the screen of the payment terminal.

Other cards - make sure you don’t have any other cards like Auckland Transport HOP, Snapper, or building access cards near your phone when you are making a purchase as they will interfere with Westpac Pay.

1. Is it the default app?
2. Is it an active contactless terminal?
3. Do you have NFC switched on?
4. Do you have a data connection?
5. Do you have an active digital card in your wallet? 
6. Do you have money in the account?


You’ll need to follow the same processes as your old phone

1. Go to Google Play store and download the app
2. Accept terms and conditions
3. Identify yourself in Westpac One
4. Set Westpac Pay as your default mobile payment app
5. Turn on NFC
6. Add card/s

So long as it’s an eligible Westpac credit or debit Mastercard it will be available for you to add to Westpac Pay. Simply add it and you’ll be good to go.

Your digital card has its own number and expiry date, so it will not be impacted if your plastic card is reissued. When your digital card expires, you will be notified in advance and prompted to download a new card into your mobile wallet.

As each card has a unique number, if the physical card is subject to fraud, your digital card will keep working. 

Yes, Westpac Pay is Mastercard certified and approved to the highest industry standards. For added security, you can customise your payment preferences to require your phone to be unlocked or logged in to Westpac Pay prior to payment (see Payment Preference Options).  To increase security, you should also have a passcode set on your device.

It depends on your phone and the terminal, but generally the back of the phone needs to be held over the contactless reader to communicate with the terminal. There are 3 ways you can try:

1. Face first or “portrait”
2. Landscape
3. Diagonal

See what works best for you.

Yes, Westpac Pay can be accepted at any terminal that is enabled for contactless. When overseas the local contactless rules and limits will apply. For example, when in Australia the contactless limit is AUD100.

You’ve got two options

1. If you think you’ve misplaced it, place a temporary block on it in Westpac One.
2. If you’ve lost it or it has been stolen, you can use Westpac One to block the card permanently. When you find the device, you can unblock it or if you get a new device you will need to download Westpac Pay and re-add your card. The same liability rules also apply. 

The good news is that your physical card will still work while your device card is temporarily or permanently blocked.

The same zero liability rules apply as for your physical card. If your Westpac credit or debit card is lost or stolen, you won’t be held responsible for any fraudulent transactions provided you notify us as soon as possible, have not acted fraudulently or negligently, and have complied with the card's Conditions of Use. 

The same applies when you are paying with a Westpac PayTag® or if you advise us that you think someone knows your PIN. Of course, you still have to follow these common sense rules:

• Always keep your card safe and never disclose your PIN to anyone.
• Take all reasonable steps to prevent other people finding out your PIN - don’t write it down, keep it with your card or store it in a form that makes it easy to spot as your PIN.
• Pick a PIN that’s unique to you and not easily guessed by anyone else.
• Take reasonable care to stop others seeing your PIN when you type it.

For full details, see the “Liabilities” section of the Conditions of Use for your card.

The good news is that your digital card will still work so you have an operational card while you wait for your new physical card to arrive. We can replace your plastic card without affecting your digital wallet card.

Trouble shooting

If the contactless terminal has refund capability you will be able to use your phone for a refund transaction, just hold your phone over the terminal to accept the refund. If the terminal does not have refund capability you will need to use your plastic/physical card to process the refund.

Apple Pay is available for Apple users. Read more about Apple Pay here.

Yes, but not every time. When you have access to data or are connected to the internet, Westpac Pay will top up your application with additional payment tokens to allow you to continue to process contactless payments without internet connectivity.  Payment tokens are a secure way of storing your payment card credentials, so that the phone and contactless terminal can process the contactless transaction in a secure manner.

As we cannot guarantee the security of devices with modified firmware, you will not be able to be use a rooted or jailbroken phone. This is for your own security.

Westpac Pay will not be eligible for use on custom Android distributions, as they may add or modify certain behaviour that compromises security integrity of the payment application.