Savings accounts

Saving for something special or putting a little extra aside for the future? Compare our range of accounts and rates.

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  1. interest rate increase

    Online Bonus Saver

    Bank some bonus interest simply by making one deposit and no withdrawals each month.

  2. np notice saver

    Notice Saver PIE

    Have a longer-term savings goal? Earn a term deposit sized return, add money any time, and you could pay less tax.

  3. money bag

    Save & Win

    You could boost your savings with a share of $100,000 cash, in the monthly prize draw.

  4. Online Saver

    Online Saver

    Manage your savings online and earn a competitive rate of interest, no matter how many transfers you make.

  5. piggybank tax

    Online Saver PIE

    Control your savings online and on-call. Enjoy a higher interest rate, unlimited transfers and potential tax savings.

  6. padlock

    Online Bonus Saver PIE

    Bonus returns are guaranteed each month that you make a deposit and don’t make any withdrawals.

  7. Savings

    Simple Saver

    Saving made simple: one free withdrawal per month and the same interest rate on any balance.*

  8. Westpac HomeSaver

    Westpac HomeSaver

    Fast track your savings towards your first home, with our special savings and home loan package.

  9. mym kids and teens

    Youth Account

    Designed for kids and teens up to 19 years, this account is fee free# and helps them learn to save and manage their money as they grow.