Savings accounts

Looking for a way to save that suits your style? If you've got an everyday account with us already, you can open many of our savings accounts or a Term Deposit online in Westpac One.

  • Online Bonus Saver
    Online Bonus Saver

    Get rewarded with bonus interest when you make at least one deposit* and no withdrawals each month.

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  • Notice Saver PIE
    Notice Saver

    Choose Notice Saver for one of our highest savings returns, and access to your funds with 32 days’ notice.

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  • Simple Saver
    Simple Saver

    This no-fuss savings account gives you the same competitive interest rate, whatever your balance.

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  • Online Bonus Saver PIE
    Online Bonus Saver PIE

    The same benefits of the Online Bonus Saver account with the added advantage of potentially paying less tax so you can save more.

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Accounts to suit your lifestyle

  • Youth Account
    Youth account

    This free* account is designed for kids and teens up to 19 years old, helping our youth to learn and manage their money as they grow.

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  • HomeSaver

    Fast track your savings towards your first home with our special savings and home loan package.

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More about Savings Accounts

If you have an everyday transaction account with Westpac, you can open a Simple Saver, Online Bonus Saver or Term Deposit online through Westpac One. For other savings accounts such as PIE savings or Westpac Home Saver, come in branch and we'll open the account for you.

If you don't have a Westpac everyday account yet, you'll need to get one before you can open a savings account. To apply for your everyday account, start by filling out our online application form. Once that's set up, you can open your savings account in Westpac One online banking.

You can open a Westpac Everyday Account, an Online Bonus Saver or Simple Saver if you're an existing customer with a Westpac One online banking login (for the savings accounts you will need to have an everyday account first). If you're a new customer or you'd like to open another type of account, we suggest you make an appointment then come in to your local branch with identification so we can open your account for you.

To open a Youth account, head in branch with some identification and we’ll get you set up. If you yourself are not a Westpac customer, you’ll need to open an account with us first so please bring proof of your address as well as your ID.

In most cases you will need an everyday transaction account before you can get a savings account. Please call us on 0800 400 600 to find out more, or come into branch to discuss your needs.

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