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We have email and text alerts to keep you on top of your accounts, an app that tracks your spending and a range of calculators to help you budget and save.

Get started below - they're all free and simple to use.


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If you're a Spark customer you can use Westpac One online banking without tapping into your mobile data? Find out more >

Tools and apps

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Sweep Over

Set up a Sweep Over to automatically transfer money to your savings account if it goes over a certain amount. It can make saving easier by moving any extra cash straight into your savings!

Visit your local branch or call us to set up a sweep on your account.

Westpac One

Stay in charge with Westpac One online banking.

Westpac One is our easy and secure online banking service. Along with the everyday stuff - like paying a bill or moving money - you can also use it to:

  • Open new accounts, including term deposits
  • Apply for a loan or credit card
  • Pay someone overseas
  • Pay multiple saved payees at once
  • Put a temporarily block on your debit or credit card if you lose it

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