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Guides to better budgeting

Our helpful guides can show you how to create a budget, stick to it and avoid money mistakes.

Budgeting guides

Save on fees

Explore smart ways to manage your banking so you minimise fees.

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Tools and calculators

Set alerts to remind you about important payments, an app that tracks your spending and calculators to help you budget and save – it’s all here.

Helpful tools

Help to get back on track.

Struggling with repayments?

If your circumstances have changed and it’s hard to make repayments on your Westpac home loan, personal loan or credit card, we want to help.

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Get on top of your debt

If bills are piling up and what you owe is getting away from you, we have some strategies that could help.

Get on top of debt

Consolidate debt with a balance transfer

Transferring your credit card balance to a card with a lower rate could help you get on top of credit card debt and put your finances in order. Find out how a balance transfer could work to your advantage.

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Build a good credit report

Get some helpful tips on how to build a good credit report, which can make it easier to get a loan or other credit.

Credit report tips

Build good money habits for kids.

Raising money-smart kids
When’s the right time to start talking money with your kids? Could giving them an allowance help build positive financial habits? Check out this video.
Raising money-smart kids

Things you should know.

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