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Photo of Nane Lockington

Get on top of your finances by plugging your 'money leaks'

Nane Lockington helps guide Westpac’s Money Skills workshops in Papakura.

Photo of Beca Group Employees

Inside the 100-year-old business that’s employee-owned

Thirty-five per cent of Beca Group’s employees make up the majority shareholders.

Gold Card savings: 30 discounts seniors need to know - Updated 2023

REDnews has put together the top five picks of the deals available across six categories.

Are you owed unclaimed money? Here’s how to find out

You might be entitled to unclaimed money turned over to the Inland Revenue Department.

Kiwis binge on downloaded shows and meal kits in lockdown

Westpac’s data on spending habits reveals what New Zealanders are buying.

Financial support during lockdown: Inland Revenue increases relief payments

To reflect increased wage costs, the IRD has increased its relief payments.

Westpac connects Financial Mentors to customers in financial difficulty

Budgeting support can ease unexpected financial pressures, which is why Westpac NZ is connecting customers to Financial Mentors.

Hotel reception staff.

Refund fraud is on the rise

Westpac’s Fraud team having recently been seeing an increase in the hospitality industry, in particular.

Retailers cautioned to make "MOTO” transactions more secure

Credit card payments with card details taken over the phone or by mail are called MOTO transactions.

How GameStop laid bare the risks of day trading and investment-by-social media

The underperforming game company had been shorted.

How to plan a wedding for less than $10k

REDnews spoke to three couples who kept their costs down while creating their special day.

Westpac offers bank accounts to help newly-released prisoners re-integrate into society

They will also receive a valid ID.