Car and vehicle insurance

No matter how you get from A to B – car, motorcycle, caravan, trailer or boat – we can cover you for something going wrong.  

  1. car insurance

    Car insurance

    We reckon you should be able to choose your cover type, just like you choose your car. Find the fit that suits you, from full cover to third party.

  2. motorcycle insurance

    Motorcycle insurance

    Third party to full cover – find great value options to insure your motorcycle.

  3. vehicle insurance

    Caravan & Trailer insurance

    Insure your caravan and your belongings inside. We can also cover your trailer.

  4. boat insurance

    Boat insurance

    Insure your boat, trailer and its other essentials on and off the water.

  5. Solutions

    Auto Assist

    Add Auto Assist to your full vehicle cover and get help 24/7 if you break down, have a flat or lose your keys.