Car health tips.

Most of us aren’t expert motor mechanics, but there are some basic checks all drivers can do to reduce the chance of a breakdown. Here’s a handy checklist to get you started.

Warrant of Fitness (WOF)

A WOF is a regular check to ensure that your vehicle meets required safety standards and not having a current WOF can affect your insurance. So make sure your WOF doesn’t run out while you’re away.


Tyre tread wear and issues can easily go unnoticed, so it may pay to have a look before a long trip.

  • Check your tread depths (you need to have a minimum of 1.5mm all round).
  • Feel for any bulges or lacerations on the side of each tyre.
  • Check your tyre pressure, refer to your manual for the correct pressure level.
  • Double check your spare tyre before leaving home and that you have tyre replacement tools with you.


Roads are busy over the holidays and long weekends, so it’s important you can be seen in all driving conditions.

Go around your car to make sure all lights are in good condition and are fully operational, including your brake lights, indicators, reversing and low/high beams.


Don’t let these important fluids go unchecked. Lift the hood and check levels and the condition of fluids including:

  • Oil: If your oil is low, black and/or gritty, it may pay to have a service technician check your vehicle before you go.
  • Windshield: Bugs can stick to your windows year round, so make sure your reservoir is full and includes a squirt of windscreen additive.

A service technician should also be able to help with radiator and brake fluids.


If you’re heading away in the summer, caravans, boats and trailers often get their first outing when the good weather arrives. Make sure caravan and trailer Warrant of Fitness certificates are up to date. Check to see that their lights are operational and check wheel bearings to make sure they’re not loose or noisy.

Snow chains

When winter kicks in, you may need to think about snow chains for your vehicle. Make sure these are fitted properly and tightly. Practise fitting these at home before you head off or get a trusted mechanic to show you how.

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