What is conditional approval?

As a first time buyer in a challenging property market, you want to put yourself one step ahead of other buyers. If you’re not quite sure how much money you can borrow, or want to buy yourself some time, get conditional approval* sorted before you go house hunting. It means you’ll know your buying power and will be able to look for that perfect home with confidence.

Conditional approval explained

  • A conditional approval is an agreement in which the bank has agreed to lend you up to certain amount of money, as long as you meet the conditions Westpac has provided in the agreement.
  • Being conditionally approved can make it much easier to secure a house. You know exactly how much you can spend.
  • It shows real estate agents and sellers that you’re a serious buyer.
  • If you want to bid at auction, full approval is a must-have, so please talk to us first.

A conditional approval from Westpac is valid for 90 days and renewing it is easy. Just contact us when the expiry date is approaching.

Apply online

You can apply online and could be pre-approved within just 60 short seconds. Then, you can go house hunting!

We’ll need to see the relevant supporting documents, such as your ID and pay slips, before you make an offer on a place.

You can also get one of our Mobile Mortgage Managers to come and see you, or visit a branch.