• You can combine your savings with family or friends to put towards a deposit.
  • By combining your income you may be able to borrow more to buy your first home sooner.
  • Join forces and share the load to tackle the household expenses together.​

How it works


Buying your first home is a big step, so it is important you trust and can have open conversations with the people you team up with, as you’ll own a home together.   

You will need to understand each other’s financial position so you know how much each person can contribute towards the deposit, the home loan repayments, and other ongoing costs associated with owning a home.

Talk to us and apply for a home loan

Chat with us to find out how much you and your family or friends could borrow together.

You can apply in branch or through a Home Loan Expert.  Existing Westpac customers can also apply in Westpac One© online banking.

Once you have a conditional home loan approval, you'll have an idea of what you can afford and can go house hunting with your family or friends.

Get professional advice

It is strongly recommended for you and your family or friends buying a home with you to get independent legal advice when considering this option.

A lawyer can also help you draft up a Property Sharing Agreement between everyone who will co-own the home with you.  This can cover details such as:

  • Each co-owner’s share of the home, your rights and obligations in relation to the home
  • How each co-owner will contribute towards costs
  • What happens if you are unable to make your home loan repayments
  • What happens if a co-owner wishes to move out later.

Make decisions together 

You and your co-owner will be jointly responsible for all decisions affecting the home loan, such as choosing interest rates, and loan term.

You can decide with each co-owner how you’d like to structure your home loan, so that it suits everyone’s needs.

Together you can decide on future plans for your home, such as renovations or maintenance.


Speak to a Home Loan Expert.

Have a free, no obligation chat with one of your local home loan experts to learn more about our range of low deposit options, designed to help you into your first home sooner.

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Things you should know.

Buying with Family and Friends terms & conditions

  • You and your co-owner(s) must be able to repay the home loan.
  • You and your co-owner(s) will be jointly responsible for the mortgage.  If you are unable to meet your repayment obligations for any reason, we may require your co-owner to meet these obligations for you.
  • We recommend you and your co-owner(s) each seek independent legal advice when considering this option.
  • You and your co-owner(s) must provide information about your income and any current debts and meet the standard eligibility criteria and home loan lending criteria, as you are all responsible for repaying the home loan.
  • By entering into a lending agreement with co-borrowers, your personal and financial information may be shared with other borrowers in this lending agreement as part of the lending application and any future variations to the home loan.

General Home Loan terms & conditions

Westpac's eligibility criteria, home loan lending criteria, terms and conditions apply. A low equity margin may apply. ​

Documents and fees

View terms and conditions for all our home lending products here.