Using your credit card overseas

When traveling internationally, your Westpac credit card is a convenient and widely accepted payment tool.

Your Westpac Mastercard® or Visa® card is accepted at over 37 million merchants worldwide and gives you global ATM cash access.

Look for the following logos when you want to use your credit card to pay for purchases:


Chip credit cards

If you have a Westpac credit card with a chip, you’ll also benefit from the added security that the embedded microchip provides. Chip credit cards are becoming the preferred, safer option for making purchases with a credit card in many overseas countries (e.g. in Europe, the United Kingdom and parts of Asia).

If you are travelling overseas shortly and don’t have a Westpac chip credit card, you can call us on 0800 888 111 to have your current card replaced with a chip card.

Please note that a replacement fee of $15 may apply. For more information on chip credit cards, click here

Tips for using your credit card overseas:

  • We operate a credit card fraud detection system that may alert us to your overseas transactions. We recommend that you notify us prior to any overseas travel by contacting us on 0800 888 111 or visiting your nearest branch.
  • Make sure you get a PIN loaded onto your credit card before you travel.
  • When using an ATM, look for ATMs that display the Visa or Mastercard logos to ensure your card is accepted.
  • Be careful when selecting your account for cash withdrawals as some ATMs will process withdrawals by default from a particular account.
  • In some countries, Eftpos terminal devices prefer signature over PIN. When this is the case, you will be asked to sign your receipt in order to accept the transaction.
  • If your card is lost or stolen while travelling, please contact us immediately on +64 9 914 8026 (24 hours a day). Please note that call charges may apply.


Other important things to remember are:

We recommend that you organise travel insurance before you leave. If you have a credit card that offers travel insurance cover, please check the terms and conditions of coverage before you book your travel or leave the country.

Platinum Mastercard travel benefits

World Mastercard travel benefits

Please note that additional fees may apply for overseas card usage.

Before you travel, let us know when and where you are going. If you use your Online Banking while you're away to check your credit card details, you may be more likely to be asked your Online Guardian questions, so make sure you remember what they are.

Credit card refusals in the UK and Europe

Some New Zealand credit cardholders have had their credit card refused overseas because their credit card is not a chip card and their credit card is verified by signature. Your credit card should not be refused for either of these reasons. 

While the United Kingdom and Europe use new ‘chip and PIN’ credit cards, internationally-issued credit cards using a PIN and/or signature should still be accepted. 

If your credit card is refused:

  • ask the merchant to call their local Visa or Mastercard® office
  • call us on +64 9 914 8026 to advise us of the incident and provide merchant location details. Please note that call charges may apply