Save & Win

We no longer offer Save & Win as a new account option. But if you already have a Save & Win account, don’t worry – you can continue using your account as per usual.


Highlights of Save & Win

  • A chance to win five prizes of $10,000, plus 500 prizes of $100 each month
  • Every $1 of your average monthly balance gives you one entry in the draw
  • No monthly account maintenance fee, and free deposits
  • Interest earned on your savings each month (see the 'Rates' tab)

More features

  • An ATM/EFTPOS card (or simply link this account to your existing card)
  • Automatic registration for phone and online banking
  • We protect your Save & Win account with Westpac Online Guardian – our market leading online security system. There are no special codes or gadgets to take up your time, just a single username and password chosen by you. Easy
  • Set up a Sweep in to your Save & Win to automatically move money out of your account, and keep your transaction account at a certain level, so you always have enough to cover bills etc
  • Set up Salary Splitter which can automatically divide your credits such as wages, into up to six different Westpac accounts
  • Set up automatic payments

Fees at a glance

You’ll pay no monthly account fees (however you will pay transaction fees for withdrawals), and deposits are free.#


If you need to make a withdrawal from your Save & Win account, it’s cheaper to do it online instead of at the branch ($1 per transaction compared to $3).

How it works & winners

The prize draw

More than 500 chances to win each month.

With your Save & Win account, you could have the chance to win a share of $100,000 in cash each month. Here’s what’s up for grabs:

  • 5 major prizes of $10,000
  • 500 prizes of $100

How do you get in the draw?

To qualify for the monthly draw, you just need to make a single deposit of $10 or more during that month.

Increase your chances of winning

The more you save, the greater your chances of winning. Every $1 of your average monthly balance gives you an entry into the prize draw (e.g if your average balance for March is $300, you get 300 chances to win that month; as long as you make a minimum deposit of $10 during March).

Congrats to our latest winners of monthly prizes 

November 2020:
  • Mr/Mrs LJ & SE Payne
  • Mrs DM Hayes
  • Mrs SME O'Neill
  • Mr PR Rose
  • Mr/Mrs DF & JR Small
October 2020:
  • Mr WS Jeffery
  • Mr/Mrs JA & L Grant
  • Mrs BG Dow
  • Mr JWG Dunkley
  • Ms VM Reid
September 2020:
  • Mrs MJ Harris
  • Mrs/Mr JM & NA Donaldson
  • Mrs/Mr M & YL Itamua
  • Mrs DM Davies
  • Mrs RE McKee
August 2020:
  • Mrs BM Hubbard
  • Mrs M Hodges
  • CED Investments Limited
  • Mr/Mrs BM & MA Sawyer
  • Mrs JI McAllister
July 2020:
  • Mr/Mrs DW & DA Bai
  • Mr/Mrs EJ/FE Sharkey
  • Mrs ML Ede
  • Mr JA Duggan
  • Mr DG Allison
June 2020:
  • Mrs LM Arthurs
  • RJ & SK Winter
  • GQ Dohan & LT Mukdad
  • Structural Engineering Society New Zealand Incorporated
  • Mr NJ Woodhead
May 2020:
  • Mr RD Jones
  • Mrs LM Rogers
  • Miss R Jiang
  • Mr BWP Wright
  • Mrs Hazel Wong
April 2020:
  • Miss JE Hurford
  • Mrs ML Ede
  • Mrs AM MacDonald
  • Mr TJ Mears
  • Mr/Mrs RM & CE Greer

March 2020:

  • Mrs LM Fahey
  • Mr/Mrs M & S Taylor
  • Miss KA Henkel
  • Mrs RM Lankshear
  • Mrs PA Fallows
February 2020:
  • Miss JN Fincher
  • Mrs CJ Campbell
  • Mr/Mrs R & L Gudesll
  • Mr/Mrs L & I Wallace
  • Mr HI Johns
January 2020:
  • The Chris Toms Family Trust
  • Mr/Mrs I & A Gilcrest
  • Retrakohe Investment Limited
  • Mr/Mrs J & C Doherty
  • Mrs P Johnson
December 2019:
  • Mrs AM Anainga
  • Mr JH Morgan
  • Mrs EMG Grant
  • Mrs CM Cossill
  • Mr/Mrs D & L Cormack
November 2019:
  • Mr/Mrs I & C Parker
  • Mrs SM Flay
  • Miss ER Meehan
  • Mrs RG Russell
  • Mr DA Beveridge
October 2019:
  • Trevor Hall Farm Trust
  • Mr/Mrs A & J Flogdell
  • Mr/Mrs J & E Shankar
  • Ms KE Simmonds
  • Mr/Mrs B & L Irving
September 2019:
  • Mr CJ Journeaux
  • Mr DI Dickie
  • Mrs KM Stirling
  • Mr RJ Penney
  • Mr V Edwards
August 2019:
  • Mrs E Sheehan-Hay
  • Ms J Haywood
  • Mr K Ashworth
  • Ms M Becroft
  • N.D.A Longveld Engineering Social Club
July 2019:
  • Miss A McGuffie
  • Mr I Cleverley
  • Mr E Dunlop
  • Mrs J Connell and Miss C Connell-Nash
  • Mr R Fowler
June 2019:
  • Mrs B Dolman
  • Mr/Mrs P & S Rive
  • Mrs/Ms C & C Agnes Gordon
  • Mr P Zimmerman
  • Mr S Ng
May 2019:
  • Mr R Muru
  • Mr H E Griffin
  • Mrs S J Robb
  • Mr/Mrs R & J Goldsworthy
  • Mr/Mrs A & P Holmes
April 2019:
  • Mrs M Thomas
  • Mr K I English
  • Mr A G Monti
  • Mr D J McAuley
  • Mrs/Mr A & B Price
March 2019:
  • Miss T Christie
  • Mr D Greed
  • Miss N Holmes
  • Mr/Mrs A & L Wilkinson
  • K Flag
February 2019:
  • Mr E Smith
  • Mrs J Stone
  • Mrs/Ms S Cook & J Doran
  • Mr/Mrs C & S McCorkindale
  • MR M Blofield
January 2019:
  • Mr/Mrs P & M Costelloe
  • Miss R V Stagg
  • Mr/Mrs D & V Nelson
  • Mrs J Frazer
  • Miss J Coleman
December 2018: 
  • Mr G D Chapman
  • Mr/Mrs G & S Ward
  • Mr A S Pearson
  • Mr/Miss A Barrett & M Twentyman
  • Mr/Mrs D & J Pringle

All major prize winners’ names will be made available at Westpac branches and on this website, within 30 calendar days of the draw. Prize money will be directly deposited into each winner’s Save & Win account.


Save & Win - Interest rates

The Save & Win Account is no longer available for new accounts.
Interest is calculated daily, and the same rate applies to all balances.

All balances 0.05% p.a.

 More about Save & Win


Save & Win - Fees

The Save & Win Account is no longer available for new accounts.

Note: Fee exemptions available to under 19 year olds. Service fees still apply.#

Fee typeFee amount
Account maintenance fee
All balances
All deposits
Including ATM's
Electronic withdrawals
EFTPOS, Westpac ATM transfers and withdrawals, automatic payments once set up (service fee applies to set up or amend), direct debits/credits, bill payments, online and phone banking payments
$1 per transaction
Manual withdrawals
Cheques and withdrawals at a branch
$3 per transaction

Other fees

For other types of fees that could apply to this account (e.g dishonor fees, or international payments), see our fees section for more information

Fee exemptions


Prize draw terms & conditions

Prize draw eligibility, plus terms and conditions

To qualify for the prize draw you need to make a single deposit of at least $10 (inclusive of any prize winnings) into your Save & Win account during the month of the prize draw.

The number of chances you have to win a prize in any one draw is based on your average monthly balance. Your average monthly balance is calculated on your daily balance rounded to the nearest whole dollar. If a single deposit of at least $10 has been made during the prize draw month, for every $1 of your average monthly balance you get one entry into the prize draw.

Prize draws are open to residents of New Zealand only. Westpac staff, contractors and agents, their spouse (whether named or not) or their dependents are not eligible for the prize draws.

Customers can choose not to participate in the prize draw by notifying their local Westpac branch in writing. The exclusion will apply from the date notification is received until such time as you instruct us otherwise.

Customers who close their account during the month of the draw are not able to participate in that draw.

Prize Draw Terms

Current cash prizes each month are:

  • 5 major prizes of $10,000
  • 500 minor prizes of $100

Prize draws will occur monthly ('Monthly Draw'). Additional special draws may also occur from time to time as notified to customers by Westpac. The promotion period for each Monthly Draw begins on the first day of the month and ends on the last day of the month. Prizes will be drawn on the first business day of the following month.

Prizes are current as at 21 January 2021 and subject to change on notice.

You agree to Westpac using any personal information it holds about you to contact you if you are a winner. Westpac will take all reasonable steps to contact a prize winner within 30 calendar days of the draw. All major prize winners’ names will be made available at Westpac branches and online at 30 calendar days after the draw.

Winners will be verified by Westpac. Once successfully verified, cash prize winners will have their cash prize deposited into their Save & Win account within 30 days of the prize draw.

Prizes are non-transferable.

Major prize winners may have their name and area of residence published online at Winners may be asked to take part in any other publicity arranged by Westpac.

All decisions made by Westpac are final and binding on all Save & Win account holders, and no correspondence will be entered into.

Use of the Save & Win account, and participation in all associated prize draws, is subject to Westpac’s General Terms and Conditions.

A failure or delay by Westpac in exercising any power or right shall not operate as a waiver of that power or right.

If an entrant is under the age of 18 years they acknowledge that they have their parent's permission to enter the promotion and agree that their parent or guardian may be required to sign acceptance of the terms and conditions of entry on their behalf prior to claiming any prize.

Westpac accepts no responsibility for any tax liability incurred as a result of any person participating in a prize draw.