Westpac group globally at a glance

Westpac Institutional Bank, has specialist teams operating globally across all key industry sectors, leveraging expert knowledge of Australasian markets and through the Westpac group’s global network, to provide ‘best-in-market’ service to our cross-border clients.

Clients can benefit from the best local advice knowledge and services, all backed by specialist Westpac support.

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With a history spanning more than 40 years’ of operating in America and a dedicated US based team, headquartered in New York, we convert our Australasian insights into a global context. Our business and our mission are defined around customer led strategy within the bank’s area of expertise and differentiation – Australia and New Zealand.


Westpac Institutional Bank is represented in Europe by the London office of over 80 staff. Westpac Banking Corporation has been in the UK since 1853 and is the oldest surviving foreign bank in the UK.

Our client-led strategy focuses on providing New Zealand and Australian banking expertise to clients right across Europe: including Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

Westpac Banking Corporation is committed to a growth strategy in Europe and its clear focus is to be the #1 provider of New Zealand and Australian financial solutions and banking services to the European market.


Westpac Banking Corporation has more than 40 years of banking experience operating in Asia. With our Asian headquarters in Singapore and offices/branches in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Mumbai and Jakarta, our aim is to work seamlessly across countries to meet the evolving needs of customers based in, or doing business, with Asia.

Australia and New Zealand

Our specialist teams gain an intimate understanding on our clients’ businesses and industries. These dedicated teams have the research and analytical skills to develop tailor made solutions for our clients in the Australasia region.

We are 100% focused on providing exceptional service, products and execution to our domestic clients doing business offshore, and international clients transacting in our markets.