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Budgeting one cent at a time

Perhaps the most important promise we can make to ourselves is to re-evaluate our budget.

8 Rules for managing your money like a millionaire

People who accumulate wealth are often scrupulous when it comes to budgeting.

Online secondhand shopping to overtake fast fashion by 2029 thanks to Gen Z

Generation Z – the under-24s - are leading the growth of online thrifting.

Hotel reception staff.

Accommodation booking scam hijacks holiday season

Westpac NZ's financial crime teams are warning hotels and motels of a new scam.

The new retirement reality: Working beyond 65

Around 25% of New Zealanders aged 65-plus are working.

Anyone can fall for phishing scams; are you at risk?

Anyone can fall for an email phishing scam, but what makes someone more susceptible than others?

Money stress causing relationship problems for 1 in 5 New Zealanders

One in five people report relationship problems due to financial concerns.

Online platform teaches financial literacy and career development to kids

Teaching financial literacy and supporting career development is the backbone of MyMahi.

Q&A with Managing Your Money Facilitator Santana Maihi

Santana Maihi is a Relationship Consultant at Westpac and volunteers to teach money skills.

How real-time carbon footprint tracking can change consumer habits

Having visibility over what you’re spending and where can be a powerful tool.

Lessons from the last recession: Don’t go broke for your adult kids

Many adults asked their elderly parents for financial assistance.

The lockdown lowdown: What New Zealanders spent their money on

Kiwis spent the Level 4 lockdown binge-ing on Netflix and pining after fast food.