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OPINION: Why a recession could be a good thing for the housing market

With the news that New Zealand has slipped into recession, after the second consecutive quarter of negative growth, we have to consider: is this just a technical recession or should…

Buying and selling houses privately: What you need to know

Most house sales involve a real estate agent, but it is possible to buy or sell privately - if you’re prepared to do the work that the agent would usually…

Conversations with your business banker during tough times

Talking to your bank following an unexpected event

Bella Honey: True to New Zealand’s natural and abundant beauty

Wendy Oliver is a New Zealand honey enthusiast who believes that good honey is nature’s superfood.

OPINION: Let’s put house price declines in perspective

When it comes to evaluating just what is happening to house prices, a case can be made for being cautious about accepting current headlines claiming prices are in freefall, that…

NZ needs to grow renewable energy sector, but barriers remain

Late next year, New Zealand’s electricity grid will draw down its first power from a large-scale solar power station, as Lodestone Energy switches on the new installation near Kaitaia.

Opinion: Will The Human Factor Trip Up Reserve Bank’s Housing Forecast?

The Reserve Bank’s most recent Economic Statement in relation to future house prices sees them continuing to decline through to 2024 and finally settling at 19% below the level of…

5 e-commerce tips to boost your online sales

Online shopping boomed in lockdown, with over 300,000 Kiwis shopping online for the first time in 2020 – and they’ve kept shopping online even as stores reopened.

5 restaurant trends for 2023

In a fast-paced industry which has had to survive lockdowns and booms over the past two years, what’s in store for the restaurant sector in the year ahead?

Daisy Lab - Changing the face of dairy production for a more sustainable future

It may sound like science fiction, but we might soon be living in a world where not all dairy comes from cows.

Is New Zealand heading for a housing oversupply?

With a record number of new homes consented in 2021 and the weakest population growth in three decades, is New Zealand on track to have too many houses?

Could New Zealand become a green hydrogen superpower?

With most of the world’s economies trying to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels, demand for alternative energy sources is at an all-time high – and it just keeps growing.