Read carefully.

Please complete the form below if your dispute fits into the following criteria and we’ll be happy to help:

  • My disputed transaction appears in my credit card statement which is less than 30 days old (see the date on the top of your statement)

  • I have contacted the merchant directly to try and resolve my dispute

  • My reason for disputing this transaction is included within the ‘When I can dispute a transaction’ list on the previous page. 

We aim to contact you by phone or email within five days to acknowledge your dispute and may request further information. It can take up to 30 days to reach a final outcome.

If you have multiple disputes, please complete this form once and add details of these transactions within the ‘additional information field’.

Important - please read prior to completing form:

  • To ensure our team can contact you regarding your transaction dispute, it is important that the information you provide within the form below matches the information we hold here at Westpac. If you have access to Westpac One® online banking, you can check and update this information, here’s a guide to show you how.
  • You will need to have a copy of your credit card statement to hand. You can download this via Westpac One. Here’s a guide to help you. If you don’t have access to Westpac One and you no longer receive statements through the post, please call us on 0800 888 111.
  • You will need your Credit Card Account Number, this is a 12 digit number that can be found on the first page of your credit card statement within the ‘Account Summary’ section. For security reasons, please do not disclose the numbers on the front of your credit card.

Your details

Found on your credit card statement - see 'Important' section above

Transaction information

Please also include trading name also if different from the name that appears on your credit card statement

Please confirm the following terms

I understand that Westpac may need to share transaction information in relation to the disputed transactions with Mastercard, Visa and the merchants bank.

By completing this form I acknowledge and agree that I am permitting Westpac to collect, store use and share my personal information as above and in accordance with Westpac’s Privacy Policy available here. I have the right to access and correct this information subject to the provisions of the Privacy Act 2020.


Things you should know.

For more information, refer to the Westpac Credit Card Conditions of Use for the applicable card.

Westpac’s current credit card lending criteria will apply for credit cards. Credit Card Conditions of Use  for the applicable card will apply. Other charges may apply to some of the transactions and services mentioned – Find out more on our Card terms, fees and rates page. If you only make the minimum payment each month, you will pay more interest and it will take you longer to pay off the unpaid balance.

Mastercard® is a registered trade mark and the circles design is a trade mark of Mastercard International Incorporated.