What's happening?

Most of our customers now prefer the speed, safety and convenience of making and receiving payments digitally. As a result we have seen a large decline in the use of cheques and that’s why we’ve decided to end the use of cheques as a method of payment after 25 June 2021.

We know some customers may be worried about adapting to the new ways to pay. Rest assured, we’ll be here to support you as we make these changes over the next few months. This means you'll have some time to get used to new ways to pay.

What's changing?

16 November 2020

Foreign cheques under $500 no longer accepted.

27 November 2020

Last day cheque books will be automatically issued. And last day to open new cheque facilities.

26 March 2021

Last day you'll be able to manually order cheque books or bank cheques.

25 June 2021

Last day Westpac will accept cheques (including foreign cheques), and Westpac cheques no longer accepted at other banks.

Making payments with Westpac One® online banking.

You can make payments online using Westpac One online banking, the easy, fast and safe way to bank whenever, wherever, 24/7. Learn more about getting setup – here.

Check out our demo site that lets you practice how Westpac One works with pretend money and accounts. This is a great tool to help gain online banking confidence.

Make a one-off payment

An easy and convenient way of making or receiving a payment is electronically via Westpac One® online banking.

Check out the handy how-to guides on making payments online rather than by cheque.

Make regular payments

Automatic payments: Simply select who you need to pay, the amount and the frequency of payments. Find out how.

Make payments to IRD

IRD has now stopped accepting cheque payments as of March 2020. But it's simple to make a tax payment to the IRD using Westpac One Online Banking. Check out our handy how-to guide to step you through the process.

Pay your credit card

Check out our handy how-to guide to step you through the process.

Make an overseas payment

Follow the steps in the handy how-to guide.

Other ways to pay.

Phone banking

For a wide range of banking services available 24/7 over the phone, you can use our free Phone Banking service. This includes the ability to pay individuals or organisations you have set up as Bill Payees.

Direct Debits

Direct debits are regular payments that are set up with an organisation to take money out of your account for payments such as rates and power. The amounts can vary each payment cycle. To set up or cancel direct debits you will need to contact the organisation directly.


Using a Westpac ATM or Smart ATM, you can withdraw or deposit cash, pay bills and transfer funds between accounts. Find your closest ATM.


With an everyday card in your pocket, you’re all set to go. We have a range of card options which you can use to make payments:

In branch

We offer a wide range of services in our branches – find your local branch.

What if I'm a business?

If you use or receive cheques as part of your business and would like help transitioning to online payments solutions here are some alternative options we offer.

Online banking solutions

We have a range of online banking solutions for your business, to help you manage your money:

Payment solutions

Make accepting payments in your business quick, convenient, and secure:

Note: When getting set up with alternative payment solutions you may need to provide additional information to keep you secure and comply with current regulations – visit here to find out what to bring in to branch with you.

Additional support.

We know for some customers this change is going to be an adjustment. To help you through this change we have some additional resources available.



Our partnership with SeniorNet helps you adapt to new technologies and alternative banking methods. Westpac and SeniorNet offer an array of fun and interactive learning experiences for those who are starting to use new digital technologies, to those looking for some basic tips and tricks. Your learning can be supported through both face-to-face and online workshops.
If you’d like to know more visit www.seniornet.co.nz or call 0800 280 742.

Online workshops

We continue to host free online seminars on a variety of topics including Keeping Safe Online and Confidence with Banking.
Keep an eye out for upcoming sessions and register your interest via our Facebook page.
Westpac NZ Facebook page

We're here to help.

If you need a hand with our ATMs or with finding your way around Westpac One®, we have Digital Ambassadors in branch who’d love to help.

If you’re a relationship-managed customer, please talk to your Relationship Manager.


In branch

If you would like help with the discontinuation of cheques, or other payment options available to you, pop into a branch.

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If you're in New Zealand

Call us on weekdays between 7 am – 8 pm or Saturday & Sunday between 8 am – 5 pm.

Call 0800 808 004

If you're overseas

International toll charges apply.

Call +64 9 912 8000

Quick help.

Other ways to pay or get paid.

Online banking.

Business FAQs.

Foreign cheques and bank drafts.

Things you should know.

Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply to Westpac products and services. For full details refer to our Transaction and Service Fees brochure (available here and from any Westpac branch).