We no longer accept foreign cheques. If you receive a foreign cheque, you’ll need to contact the cheque issuer and ask them about alternative ways of receiving payments which could include:

  • Telegraphic transfer or wire transfer through a bank, or
  • Using an alternative foreign exchange provider.

 Other options available may be:

  • Government pension cheques: register with the pension scheme online to receive your pension electronically – this is available for payments from United States, United Kingdom and Canadian Government pension providers.
  • Other pension provider cheques: contact the provider to explore other options for residents that are no longer living in the country. Options may include receiving your payment by ACH (this an international direct credit) or opening an account with a bank that’s affiliated with the pension provider.
  • Share and dividend cheques: register online to receive payments electronically or alternatively contact your sharebroker to explore what other options are available.
  • Tax cheques: if the issuer will only provide a cheque, you may need to open an account in the country that is issuing the tax cheque or you can contact your tax adviser to understand what other options are available.

 If you have any questions, please call us on 0800 400 600.