Westpac Government Banking

At Westpac, we have a proud history of working with the New Zealand Government as its banker since 1989. Throughout our relationship we have continued to deliver the core payment needs of the Government and innovated together to improve service delivery.

Following a robust procurement process, the New Zealand Government appointed Westpac in September 2015 to be:

  1. The exclusive provider of Crown Transactional Banking services to core Crown Agencies
  2. A panel provider for all panelled services, which include:
    a. Foreign Exchange Services
    b. Payment Services
    c. Card Services

The All-of-Government Banking Services solution process has been a great catalyst to determine how Westpac and Government together can continue to create value for New Zealand over the coming 8 years. Working towards 2023, Government can continue to expect the reliability of the bank that’s banked the New Zealand Government for 26 years. At Westpac, we also have a whole new suite of services, pricing and improvements, freshly designed for the New Zealand Government of 2015.

  1. Resources

    Find out how to request a deposit book, enquire about or trace a transaction, and download our commonly used forms.