Service agreements.

The All-of-Government Banking Services solution has been broken into four Services Agreements:

  1. Crown Transactional Banking Services;
  2. Foreign Exchange Services;
  3. Payment Services; and
  4. Card Services.

Westpac has been appointed to supply services across all Services Agreements. We are the only provider that can enable access to the savings of all Services Agreements.

Services model.

Standard Services

The baseline services that are available to an agency.

Custom Services

Agencies may request that Westpac customise a standard service, to enhance the value of that standard service of to meet a unique requirement of your agency.

Exception Services

Agencies may request that Westpac perform an exception service on an ad hoc basis.

Incident Management Services

Westpac will work with your agency to resolve an incident you may have, restore services and minimise impacts to your customers or staff.

Innovation as a Service

Westpac and Government have established an Innovation Fund, with access to important resources, to enable innovation around the way agencies deliver services to New Zealanders and businesses.

Service solutions.

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Brent Chalmers

Head of Public Sector