Contact Centre Queue Times

We answer over 200,000 customer calls every month. And while that’s great because we love speaking with our customers, we totally get that not everyone loves listening to on-hold music. 

So, we’ve introduced an awesome new Callback request system, where you hold your place in the queue, and we simply call you back on the phone number you prefer when your spot comes up.  There are some details on how the system works below if you are wanting more information.

Callback request system

If we cannot answer your call immediately, you can ask us to call you back. You will keep your place in the call queue.  

How to request a callback

Callback requests can be made from landlines and mobile phones. When asked, make sure you enter the phone number correctly. You can either select the number you are calling from, or choose a different number if this suits you better.

When asked, enter either your:

New Zealand mobile phone number, or
New Zealand area code and your landline phone number — for example, 099141234 and follow the prompts to ensure your Callback is lodged.

When you get our call

When you receive a Callback we ask you if you want to accept the call. If you do not accept, we will cancel your Callback request.

If you accept, you will be next in the queue to speak to one of our team.

If you don’t answer our call

We will contact you and our phone number will show up as “Private” or “Withheld”, if you aren’t able to pick up at the time of our call, our team will leave you a voice mail asking you to call us back.

  • Information updated on 25 February 2019.