Travelling overseas

Whether you’re travelling overseas for work or pleasure, we have the right bank accounts, travel insurance, foreign currency and card options to help the trip run smoothly.

All your banking needs for going overseas

Westpac Global Currency Card*

Spend like a local when you travel overseas or shop internationally with the Westpac Global Currency Card. Lock in exchange rates with up to 9 different currencies.

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Westpac Everyday account

Just do all of your banking online, or via Eftpos/ATM – waive your paper statements, and you can bank with no transaction or account fees.

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Debit Mastercard®

It’s a debit card that’s linked to your Westpac transaction account, not a Mastercard credit card. It draws the money from your account so you don’t have a credit card bill to pay. It also doubles as an Eftpos card – so it’s the only card you need.

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Credit cards

What do you need in a credit card? Maybe you’d like a card with great rewards, or perhaps a lower interest rate? Check out our options.

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Sending money to or from overseas

It’s really easy to send money to or from overseas with telegraphic transfers and drafts.

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Travel Insurance

Don’t let lost luggage – or worse – ruin your holiday. Our travel insurance is designed for recreational travel, and includes a 24-hour call centre for emergencies, to make sure you could have help when and where you need it.

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Foreign currency accounts

If you’re away for a while, a foreign currency account could be very handy! You could use it to help manage your international transfers.

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ATM global alliance

Avoid the $3 ATM transaction fee when you withdraw money overseas using an ATM belonging to the ATM Global Alliance.

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Getting your foreign currency ready

Get your foreign cash organised before you leave. Check out our current rates and fees and arrange to pick up some cash.

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Countries I will not be able to use my Westpac card

There are a few countries where your Westpac cards won't be accepted:

• Cuba
• North Korea
• Sudan
• Syria
• Iran
• Crimea Region

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