The Business Online Administrator has the highest level of access to all accounts and functions. They will manage the Business Online access of the other users e.g. issue passwords, limit users access to particular accounts and functions. Administrators have default access to all accounts and functions.

How to add a new Administrator

You nominate Administrators when you register. To add a new Administrator, you need to complete a Business Online User form.

Single or dual administration rule

You can select a single or dual administration option. We recommend that if your Business Online authorisation rule is "Two to Authorise"; your administration rule should be Dual Administration for added security. 

Dual Administration requires a second administrator to authorise the following changes to user access to Business Online:

  • Issuing passwords
  • Assigning access rights and transaction limits
  • Editing users details and access
  • Creating new Creator/Viewer users
  • Deleting users who have left the company.

We strongly recommend that at least one Administrator is the account owner e.g. Director, Trustee, Elected Official.


Authorisers can authorise transactions through Business Online, based on your Business Online authorisation rule. All Administrators are automatically Authorisers as well.

How to add an Authoriser

You nominate Authorisers when you register. To add a new Authoriser, you need to complete a Business Online User form.


One, two or three Authoriser rule

Depending on your authorisation rule, you will need one, two or three Authorisers to confirm a payment.


Creator/Viewers can view account balances and transactions, and create a payment. They cannot authorise a payment.

Creator/Viewers are set up by Administrators within Business Online. Administrators also control what accounts and functions they can access.

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