How to get started.


Identify your users

Decide who will have access to Business Online and their role: Administrator, Authoriser, Creator/Viewer. You will need each person's full name, date of birth, mobile phone number and email address.

Choose an authorisation rule

Decide if you want one, two or three Authorisers to approve payments. We recommend at least "Two to Authorise". Note: The authorisation rule must at least match the signing rule of the accounts loaded, e.g. if the account signing rule is "two to sign"; then the "Two to Authorise" rule must be selected for Business Online.

Choose an administration rule

Decide if you want one or two Administrators to approve administration tasks, such as setting up Creator/Viewers, issuing passwords, editing user access or deleting users. We recommend that if your Business Online authorisation rule is "Two to Authorise"; your administration rule should be Dual Administration for added security.

Download and complete application

Complete your application form, print all 5 pages, and return this to your branch or relationship manager. It's important that the Account Owner returns the form as we need to verify identificationÂą.
Download application form

Login for first time

During registration, we will set up your nominated Administrators and Authorisers, then provide the login details to your Administrators. Administrators then set up Creator/Viewers within Business Online. Once Admins get their first-time password from the Helpdesk - they must then issue password to Authorisers and Creator/Viewers.
Download first time login guide

Information about identification.

Westpac is, or may be, required to verify the identity of all the Administrators and/or Authorisers nominated and certain other information in your form.

If the nominated individual is already a signatory of an account of the organisation or a signatory of a personal account with Westpac and Westpac already holds their identification details1, no further action is required.

If the nominated individual is NOT a signatory of a Westpac account (either an account of the organisation or a personal account), they MUST complete a 'Customer Information Certificate - Business Online User'. This form is part of the Business Online Application form.

They must then take acceptable identification1 and hand the form in person to a relationship manager or a Westpac branch.

If the individual is unable to meet with a relationship manager or go into a Westpac branch for any reason, they can get a copy of their acceptable ID certified by a Trusted Referee1 and then the form can be submitted along with the certified copy to a relationship manager or Westpac branch.

Need help? Talk to us.

Call the Business Online Helpdesk, weekdays 8:30am to 5:30pm. If you are calling from overseas, call +64 4 499 0410 (international toll charge will apply).

Things you should know.

More details about acceptable identification and Trusted Referees are available at

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