Branches & helpstations

With a network of approximately 143 branches, we've got local banking covered.


As one of NZ’s largest full service banks, we offer a wide range of banking services from cashing cheques to opening a savings account, organising your home loan or seeking advice on your retirement savings options, our staff can help you find the right solution for your financial needs. Our in-branch services are:

  • Westpac One assistance
  • Online banking kiosks
  • Banking assistance
  • ATMs


We currently have eight Westpac HelpStations located across the country offering a specialised branch service where the staff are there to provide personalised quality assistance on a range of products and services including home loans, new accounts, overdrafts, personal loans and term deposits.

HelpStations don’t handle cash in the traditional sense i.e. all deposits and withdrawals are processed in our assisted self-service machines, to ensure our HelpStation team can spend quality face to face time with you.

Our HelpStations have been designed to offer you three service areas:

  • Withdraw money, Deposit notes, coins and cheques and exchange cash
  • Drop and go deposits – for larger cash deposit, prepare your banking when it suits you with Westpac Red Bags
  • Specialist advice on a range of products and services including home loans, overdrafts, personal loans, term deposits, new accounts, adding or changing PINs

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