What does CashNav do?

How to get CashNav

CashNav is a free smartphone app for Westpac customers. Before you download it to your phone, we need to check a couple of things.

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Get the most out of CashNav

If you already have CashNav, check out these three simple ways to use it to its full potential. (And some FAQs too).

Go to CashNav support


All credit accounts and the following Westpac transactional and savings accounts are eligible for CashNav:

Westpac Everyday
Choices Everyday
Westpac Bonus Saver
Simple Saver

Note: Only eligible accounts linked to your Online Banking will be available in CashNav.

For transactional accounts and debits cards you will see any transaction made at a retailer, online shopping, direct debits, payments, automatic payments, fees, interest and ATM withdrawals For credit cards you will see all transactions made at a retailer and recurring payments. Some online shopping, ATM withdrawals, fees and interest will not currently show up in CashNav but this functionality will be available shortly.

CashNav is available on iPhone and an Android Smartphones. IPhones will need to have iOS 8 and above installed, and Android phones need to be running on Android OS 4.4 or above.