Helping you.

Your banking

Our staff have been educated to assist people living with dementia and their families, with their banking needs. We can help with things like setting up notifications, direct debits, different account types, withdrawal limits and alternative contacts. Check out our resources for more information on managing your finances after a diagnosis and how to spot signs of financial abuse.

Talk to us

We’ve created a special notification tool so carers and people living with dementia can let us know about their situation. The notification tool adds an alert to the customer's account, enabling our staff to provide extra assistance if required. We’re also partnering with different organisations that can provide professional advice and guidance to customers and their families.

Our branches

All of our branches have been assessed to ensure they are dementia friendly in terms of layout, fixtures and fittings and quiet areas.  Our architects apply dementia friendly principles for every new branch we create, and older branches that don’t meet these criteria will be modified as much as practicable to be more dementia friendly. Find your nearest branch.

Westpac became New Zealand’s first dementia friendly bank in 2015 partnership with Dementia Auckland, in a move to support the 70,000 people living with dementia in New Zealand.

Helping organisations.

We want other organisations to become dementia friendly too, that's why we partnered with Dementia Auckland to create materials that we could share - brochures, checklists, training videos and modules. We're happy to share our resources and learnings with other organisations who want to become dementia friendly, and this is one of the reasons we received a Deloitte Diversity Award in 2015.

Feel free to use these for your own organisation and tailor them to your own purposes as needed.  

Training tools

Our resources

Our white label Dementia collateral.

Download our suite of white label collateral so you can brand content for your company.

 Download suite (ZIP file)



We're proud to be officially accredited for our efforts by Dementia New Zealand.

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