Westpac Business Excellence Awards

The Westpac Business Excellence Awards (BEAs) take place all around the country, in conjunction with local Chambers of Commerce. They give all businesses the opportunity to benchmark their success against other local businesses, including those outside of their own industries.

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Why should I enter?

It’s not always easy to find time to work on, rather than in, your business. Entering the BEAs is a great opportunity to step back and take a critical look at what makes your business tick.


Seeing how things are done by businesses outside your field is a great way to inject fresh ideas into your business. The BEAs gives you a window into how other businesses have built success.


The process of preparing an entry for the BEAs can be immensely beneficial to your business, encouraging you to step back and look at your strengths and weaknesses.

Expert Feedback

Entering the BEA helps you gain an outside-in view of your business. Past entrants have found the feedback they receive from the BEA judges to be incredibly valuable.

Business Profile & Recognition

Winning the Awards will increase your exposure and as a result help boost staff morale and motivation as a result.

The BEAs run throughout New Zealand and offer a range of different Awards celebrating business excellence.

How does it work?

This year Westpac is sponsoring 15 BEA events across the country in association with the local Chamber of Commerce (Chamber) or an Economic Development Agency (EDA) in each region. To find the contact details for your local Chamber or EDA, please refer to the tables below.

Business Awards Region Chamber Contact Chamber Email Entries Open Entries close Gala Dinner
Auckland Central Rebecca Seymour-East rseymour-east@chamber.co.nz 1 Mar 2 June 14 Nov
Auckland North Rebecca Seymour-East rseymour-east@chamber.co.nz 1 Mar 2 June 30 Oct
Auckland South Rebecca Seymour-East rseymour-east@chamber.co.nz 1 Mar 2 June 18 Oct
Auckland West Rebecca Seymour-East rseymour-east@chamber.co.nz 1 Mar 2 June 2 Nov
North Canterbury No awards for 2017        
Canterbury Julianna Malone info@championcanterbury.org.nz 2 May 10 June 4 Oct
Hawkes Bay  No awards for 2017        
Northland  Tony Collins ceo@northchamber.co.nz  18 Apr 12 Aug 27 Oct
Porirua City Tracy Johnson tracy@poriruachamber.co.nz TBC TBC 17 Nov
Rotorua  Darrin Walsh ceo@rotoruachamber.co.nz 22 Mar 8 July TBC
Tauranga  Anne Pankhurst awards@tauranga.org.nz 9 May 26 Aug 10 Nov
Waikato William Durning ceo@waikatochamber.co.nz May 1 Aug 3 Nov
Manawatu No awards for 2017        
Otago  No awards for 2017        
Queenstown No awards for 2017        
Gisborne      TBC  TBC 29 Sep 

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