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The Gender Retirement Gap: What is it and how can it be fixed?

As a result of pay inequity and career interruptions, women retire with less. This is the Gender Retirement Gap.

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What you need to know about international travel in 2022

REDnews spoke with the experts.

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How to avoid a cryptocurrency scam

Cryptocurrency scams are on the rise and the average loss for victims is in the thousands.

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Whatsapp scam targets parents’ heart strings for card details

Multiple scam reports received.

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New Zealanders concerned with rising cost of living, research shows

Survey shows 97% are concerned.

The dos and don'ts of teaching kids about money

We teach our kids reading, writing and maths, but what about money skills? 

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Leaving an abusive relationship: Making it easy to set up a bank account

Westpac has an Extra Care Team of specialists who help vulnerable customers.

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Family and finances in focus for 2022, research shows

The pandemic has made us value family and pay more attention to our finances.

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Garage startup to $10 million in turnover

Giftbox Boutique was started five years ago by Westpac customers Katie and Andy Gray.

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Christmas scams and how to avoid them

Westpac's Fraud Prevention team will be busier than Christmas elves this year.