Financial Crime Prevention team.

Our team spends their time analysing online banking activity and backing up our Online Guardian service (which monitors and identifies unusual activity).

If you get a call from our team, they’ve been analysing transactions that may look fraudulent, and will need confirmation from you that the transactions on your account were made or authorised by you.

What they won’t ask.

Westpac will never ask you for confirmation of your online banking password or PINs. These should not be disclosed to anyone.

More security features of online banking.

Our Online Banking Guarantee.

We’re committed to protecting you from online fraud, and we’re just as committed to preserving the ease and convenience of our online banking services. We’re so confident in our systems and processes that, subject to our General Terms and Conditions 1, we make you the following promise:

If you fall victim to online fraud as a result of using Westpac New Zealand's Online Banking or Business Online Banking (BOL) services, we will investigate your loss and the contributing circumstances and reimburse the fraud losses if you have:

  • immediately notified Westpac of your loss, and
  • not wilfully, fraudulently or negligently caused or contributed to the loss, and
  • complied with the General terms and conditions and any other applicable product or services terms and conditions.

Note: This Online Banking Guarantee applies to Westpac One (both desktop and the app) and BOL, but does not extend to Corporate Online or DeskBank services.

If you think you’re a victim of fraud, contact us immediately to report it. We may ask you to contact the police as well. Once the issue’s been investigated and you are deemed to be the victim of fraud, then you’ll have your money returned.

A reminder.

Remember, Westpac will never contact you and ask for your password, PIN or bank account details.

Next steps.

Let us know

If you believe you have received a phishing email, you can forward it to us. 


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Things you should know.

1Westpac’s General Terms and Conditions require you to, amongst other things, safeguard your Security Details, notify Westpac immediately of any security breach, and provide all relevant details of any fraudulent activity.