Why am I getting a message in the Westpac One® app about collecting data from my device?  

We recently upgraded Westpac One® digital banking to help better protect you from fraud and scams. Part of completing this upgrade means collecting, using and sharing some of your information, so it’s important you know about this change. We only use this data to protect you from fraud and scams.

Why are you collecting my information? 

We’re collecting information to help protect you from fraudulent and criminal activity, unauthorised use and scams. The information that we collect from your device, when you're using Westpac One, helps us identify any suspicious behaviour that may indicate your Westpac One digital banking has been compromised, so we can investigate it as early as possible.

What information do you collect from my device and applications?  

Some of the information we collect for this purpose includes how you access and interact with our Westpac One app and your device, and the model and operating system of your device.  We also look at which apps are installed on your device, to check for malware or other malicious activity.

We do not collect any information when you’re not using your Westpac One app.

You can read our Privacy Policy for more information about what we collect. 

Who do you share my information with?  

Your information is anonymous and encrypted to protect your security and privacy at all times.

We share your anonymised information with our trusted third party service providers who help us detect, prevent, and stop fraud. We only use this information for these purposes. Our trusted partners undergo an extensive review prior to engagement, including, but not limited to, a privacy and risk assessment.

How do you use the information to protect me?  

The technology we’re using learns from your banking behaviour, when you are logged into Westpac One. This data enables us to quickly identify behaviour that looks unusual and could be suspicious. This allows us to investigate as early as possible and help to keep your money safe.

What if I don’t want you to collect my information? 

Collecting your information is important so we can help protect you from fraud and scams. When you sign up to use Westpac One on your mobile device you are required to agree to our Westpac One app terms and conditions. If you choose not to accept our Westpac One app terms and conditions you won’t be able to use the Westpac One app on your mobile device.

When you use any of our products and services you are permitting us to collect, store, use and share your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy outlines how we collect and use your information to protect you against fraud.

Do you collect my information if I use Westpac One in my mobile browser?

Yes. The information is collected from when you log in to Westpac One using the app or browser.

Do you collect GPS data or track my location?

We collect digital location data (IP addresses) to help us identify fraud. The data includes an approximate location. We don’t track or record your GPS location.

Do you collect information from my camera or microphone?


Will you use the information you collect to make assessments or decisions about Westpac banking products or services that I may have applied for?