Setting up a bank account from overseas.

A good idea is to set up an account before you arrive so you:

  • Get paid in the first pay cycle of your new job by giving your employer a New Zealand account number in advance
  • Have money ready and waiting for you when you arrive by talking to our Westpac Foreign Exchange (FX) team about transferring money to New Zealand
  • Avoid paying unnecessary fees and charges that your current non-New Zealand based bank may charge, by using your New Zealand account from day one
  • Start building your savings and credit history from day one.

Sorting out your finances before you arrive can be simpler than you think. You may be able to set up a bank account up to 180 days before you arrive.

Set up an account

Sorting out your banking and finances before you arrive can be simpler than you think.
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Other ways we can help.

Term investments

If you want the certainty of a fixed return and have $5000 or more to invest, a term investment may be a great option.

You can choose to invest in a term deposit1 or a term PIE fund2. We also have foreign currency term investments.

Find out more about Term Investments

Doing business in New Zealand

If you have business or investment goals for your new future in New Zealand, our team can help.

Find out more about Investing in New Zealand.

Home loans

Our team will put you in touch with a home loan specialist who can help you choose the right home loan option for you3.

There’s a lot to get your head around when buying a new home, like how much you could borrow, or how much houses cost. And this is especially true when you’re moving to a new country. We can help you get to your new home faster.

Here's how you could get started

A great place to start is to view current real estate listings and get an idea of prices and areas. Try the following websites:

A conditional approval so you can house hunt with confidence

We understand it's not easy to find the perfect home, so we make sure you have plenty of time to look around, knowing you've got your finances sorted. If you're off shore, we can help you to apply for a conditional approval4 and you'll know what you can spend, giving you the confidence to quickly make a decision or bid at an auction.


If you're overseas, our team are on hand to help you figure it all out.

Things you should know.

1 You can get a copy of the term sheet for Westpac term deposits from any Westpac branch free of charge or online here.

2 Investments made in the Westpac Term PIE Fund (the “Fund”) do not represent bank deposits or other liabilities of Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141, Westpac New Zealand Limited (“Westpac NZ”) or other members of the Westpac group of companies. They are subject to investment and other risks, including possible delays in payment of withdrawal amounts in some circumstances, and loss of investment value, including principal invested. None of BT Funds Management (NZ) Limited (as manager), any member of the Westpac group of companies, Trustees Executors Limited (as trustee), or any director or nominee of any of those entities guarantees the Fund’s performance, returns or repayment of capital. Any rates of return are subject to change without notice. You can get more information and free copies of the Disclosure Statement for Westpac NZ and the term sheet for the Fund from any Westpac branch or online here.

3 Westpac’s current home loan lending criteria and terms and conditions apply. An establishment fee may apply - view all fees here. If you are applying for a mortgage with low equity (i.e. your deposit is less than 20%) an additional interest margin may apply of between 0.25% to 1.5% per annum depending on your level of equity.

4 Conditional approval requires a credit check and confirmation of the details provided in your application. Other conditions may also apply depending on the nature of your application.