• Webinar D
    Managing Your Money webinars

    Learn about managing your money from the comfort of home. These webi-nars focus on a variety of topics such as spending and budgeting, preparing for the future and understanding debt.

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  • MYM D
    Managing Your Money workshops

    If you want to help people in your school, community group, or workplace develop effective money management skills, we cover it all.

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  • Look to the future- Live Q&A
    Online tutorial

    Let our online tutorial give you a hand with understanding money management. Try our 30 minute online tutorial.

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  • Zombie Cashtastrophe
    Zombie Cash-tastrophe

    Discover our interactive and fun board game to help Kiwi teens learn the fundamentals of growing and protecting your money and assets.

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  • Video tips
    Video tips

    Our animated videos are a quick, fun way to learn more about the basics of managing money.

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  • Primary school games
    Primary school games

    Learning about money doesn’t have to be serious – check out the games we have available for younger children.

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  • Westpac Massey Fin Ed Centre
    Financial education with Massey

    The Westpac Massey Financial Education (Fin-Ed) Centre provides financial education and research, which aims to improve the financial capability of all New Zealanders.

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  • Reference materials
    Reference materials

    Calculators, interest rates, fees and charges, economic reports and more. You’ll find them all here.

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