Financial & Investment Advisory Services

We have more than 50 Authorised Financial Advisers ready to help you achieve your financial goals. They’ll help reduce the complexity and stress of saving and investing and you can be confident their integrity, expertise and competence is of a very high standard.

Advice Process

How does the Advice Process Work?

Your Authorised Financial Adviser is a qualified professional who can help you set and achieve your financial goals. When providing full advice, we follow the 6-step Institute of Financial Advisers’ financial planning process.

The 6-step financial planning process:

  • establish your goals and objectives.
  • determine your current financial position.
  • analyse your situation and recommend a solution.
  • communicate our solution to you - with a financial plan.
  • implement the solution.
  • monitor your investments and provide regular reviews.
Financial plan

What is a financial plan?

A good financial plan is an investment strategy that helps you take the necessary steps to achieve your financial goals. Your goals may be to fund a child through university or to have enough money to maintain your lifestyle in retirement.

The plan will covers areas such as wealth creation, retirement planning, insurance protection and estate planning. Your adviser will develop your financial plan specifically for your individual situation.

Your financial plan will:

  • outline your financial situation and needs
  • set out your goals
  • recommend appropriate investment solutions to meet your goals
  • detail any costs or fees to be paid
  • outline how to put your plan into action

Why do I need a financial plan?

A good, clear financial plan is important as it takes into account all your financial needs both during your working life and throughout your retirement years.

Like a road map, it looks at where you are today and where you want to go, and it sets out the route you need to take to get there. A financial plan is not about getting rich, and you don’t have to be rich to have one. It's simply about doing more with the money you do have.

A financial plan can help you to:

  • save the money you need to achieve your goals
  • protect what is most important to you
  • plan for retirement
  • leave something for your family
  • manage your investments along with your priorities