Add landlord insurance to your home cover

Do you want to extend cover for chattels or protect against tenants who cause deliberate damage or don’t pay the rent? You can. They’re all optional benefits you can add to your Westpac Home Cover.

How to protect your rental property

Adding landlord insurance is easy. You begin with Westpac Home Cover. This insures your rental property for accidental damage so you can repair or rebuild it, up to your sum insured. It also covers you for rent you might lose if your house is uninhabitable – up to $20,000 for up to 12 months. 
You can then choose to add one or more of these optional benefits for landlords:

 Umbrella Dollar

Option 1: Extended cover for chattels – up to $15,000

Protects your chattels (e.g. appliances, furniture, blinds and drapes) for accidental damage for up to $15,000.


Option 2: Deliberate damage protection

Insures your house and chattels against deliberate damage or theft by a tenant. It also covers loss of rent if your house is uninhabitable as a result, for up to 12 months or a maximum of $25,000.


Option 3: Rent protection

Cover of up to 6 weeks' rent if your tenants leave without notice or up to 12 weeks' rent if you evict the tenants for not paying rent. The most we will pay is $20,000 in rent.

Read your policy

You’ll find more details about your cover, including conditions, exclusions and limits that apply, in the Home Cover section of the Westpac Home, Content, Vehicle and Boat Cover policy. Download here. Do read it carefully, so you fully understand your cover.

Add landlord insurance to Westpac Home Cover 

Call for a quote

With our 30-Day Free look, if you decide the cover is not for you during the free look period, just notify us and we’ll refund any premiums you’ve paid.

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