We would love to talk to you before you close your account. If you've been experiencing any issues that have led you to be unhappy with our service, please do let us know. Send us an email, including your contact details so we may get in touch with you.

Looking for a different account? Have a look at our account chooser to help find the right account for you. We can then convert your current account to your chosen account.

From New Zealand

If you are based in New Zealand, in most instances it is possible to request to close a bank account through our email support or our contact center on 0800 Westpac (0800 937 8722).

However, some accounts can only be closed at a branch, as this may involve finalising fees or charges on the account that will need to be settled at the time.

If visiting a branch, please take a positive form of identification with you. (Please refer to Westpac's list of acceptable verification documentation).

From overseas

Are you based overseas and wanting to close your bank account? Contact your branch requesting the account closure accompanied by an acceptable verification document.

Credit card

Here's how to close a credit card.