Doing business and investing in New Zealand

If you like the look of a New Zealand lifestyle, the next step to think about may be doing business here. The opportunities may surprise you. 

  1. Starting a business

    New Zealand maintains an open, free-market economy competing on a global scale. Here's an overview on starting a business here, and buying shares in a Kiwi operation.

  2. Investment options

    The Word Bank ranked New Zealand number one in the world for protecting investors, in its 2013 'Doing Business' report.

  3. Westpac banking & investment services

    We have services ready to help grow your wealth, no matter what scale of investment.

  4. Legalities and tax in New Zealand

    Our regulatory and tax environment are relatively simple to navigate. We provide website links so you can get to grips with the fine print before your big move.

  5. Investment and business visas

    It's great to note there are specialist business and investment visa options available that may make your move easier.