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Migrant Account Terms and Conditions

To qualify for an Expatriate/Migrant account, you:

  • must be planning to move to New Zealand within 180 days of your account application being approved
  • can transfer up to NZD $1million into your Westpac Bank account before you arrive. If you are applying under Immigration New Zealand's investor category, or if you wish to transfer more than NZD $1million, please contact our Migrant & Expatriate Banking team.
  • agree that full access to the account will be available only once your passport and original documentation has been sighted and verified by the Migrant Banking team in New Zealand
  • agree that if you are unable to travel to New Zealand to activate the account within 180 days of opening the account, Westpac will initiate the return of funds to you and that the return of these funds to the account of origin is at the absolute discretion of Westpac.

Further, we agree that any interest earned on these funds will only be made available if the account is activated in New Zealand.

This excludes overseas investors applications.


  • agree to be bound by the Expatriate / Migrant account Terms and Conditions set out in this application in addition to any other terms and conditions which may apply
  • agree to read and be bound by the General Terms and Conditions as detailed on the Westpac website at before signing this form, as it contains important statements about my/our rights and obligations
  • certify that all information supplied in this application is true, correct and complete in every respect and understand that if it is not true, correct and complete, this application may be declined and/or I/we may be liable to Westpac
  • understand that by completing this application, I/we will be providing personal information (‘this information’) about me/us which will be held securely by Westpac New Zealand Limited and/or any entity within the Westpac group. This information will be used now and in the future to make available to me/us the full range of services offered by Westpac New Zealand Limited and/or any entity within the Westpac group from time to time. I/We have the right to access and correct this information subject to the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993.
  • I/we hereby authorise Westpac to disclose my/our personal information to other parties and service providers, for the purpose of providing me/us information on suitable products or services, provided they are bound by obligations of confidentiality with Westpac covering the use and retention of my/our personal information. The use of my/our personal information by these providers is limited to the provision of the services requested and cannot be used for any other purposes. The information provided to these companies includes the following: name, email address, physical address and telephone number.

What you have authorised. You authorise:

  • the signatories named in this application to operate this account(s) and do everything relating to your relationship with Westpac for this account(s) (this is called the banker/customer relationship, and as provided in our “general terms and conditions”)
  • other people to be added to or removed from this authority.

Receiving and acting on instructions by fax, phone, electronically or other means

As part of doing business, Westpac may accept telephone, facsimile, electronic or other instructions in the course of the banker/customer relationship.

  • However, Westpac:
  • is not obliged to accept them

will not be liable to you or any other party if the instructions are unauthorised, forged or fraudulently given and Westpac could not reasonably have detected that from the instructions received.

Indemnify Westpac

To the maximum extent permitted by law you will indemnify Westpac for its losses in acting on such instructions.

Adding or removing people to/from the authority

Additional authorised persons may be appointed and any authorised person may be removed only by notice in writing to Westpac signed in the same manner as this form.