Credit card insurance cover

If you hold a hotpoints® Visa Gold, hotpoints Platinum Mastercard®, hotpoints BusinessPLUS Mastercard, hotpoints World Mastercard, Airpoints™ Platinum Mastercard, Airpoints World Mastercard or Airpoints Business Mastercard, you could benefit from Overseas Travel Insurance cover, underwritten by AIG Insurance New Zealand Limited. 

Credit Card Overseas Travel Insurance

Am I covered?

Pay your pre-paid travel costs with your:
• hotpoints Visa Gold
• hotpoints Platinum Mastercard
• hotpoints BusinessPLUS Mastercard
• hotpoints World Mastercard
• Airpoints Platinum Mastercard
• Airpoints Business Mastercard, or
• Airpoints World Mastercard, if you are travelling for business purposes, or simply hold an Airpoints World Mastercard as provided in the policy for travel,

and you could benefit from Overseas Travel Insurance cover.

To see the eligibility requirements including the minimum pre-paid travel spend, see the applicable policy document below.

To check your eligibility, click here.

Policy benefits

Things can go pear-shaped when you are away. If they do, these things can be covered. Find out more.

Card Policies

Overseas Travel Insurance is subject to the terms, conditions, exclusions (including but not limited to age limitations) and eligibility criteria contained in the policy document.  You must read the relevant policy document to ensure the insurance fits your needs. You can find more information about the Overseas Travel Insurance policy wording, benefits, exclusions and conditions under the following policies:

Gold Card Insurance Policy Document

Platinum Card Insurance Policy Document, for:

Airpoints Platinum Card Insurance Policy Document, for

World Mastercard Insurance Policy Document  

Airpoints World Mastercard Insurance Policy Document


Useful Travel Links

You can find useful information for travellers here.

Emergency Assistance

If you need emergency travel assistance, click here for contact details.


You may have questions about Overseas Travel Insurance cover.  Find the answers to the most frequently asked ones here

Purchase Protection & Extended Warranty Cover
Westpac’s Gold Visa, Platinum Mastercard, World Mastercard and Ultimate credit card’s also provide Purchase Protection & Extended Warranty Insurance cover.

Purchase protection cover can protect against loss, theft or accidental damage over most personal items that you purchase and extended warranty cover can extend the manufacturer’s New Zealand warranty on goods purchased up to 12 months. So you can purchase with your Gold Visa, Platinum Mastercard, World Mastercard and Ultimate credit cards with total confidence. 

Find out more here.