Credit card transaction disputes


You can dispute a transaction recorded in your monthly statement, by contacting us within 30 days of the statement date if:

  • The transaction wasn't authorised by you
  • You've been overcharged, or the transaction is duplicated
  • A merchant continues to charge you even though you have previously cancelled a regular payment authority or subscription
  • You've paid for goods or services but they haven't arrived
  • You've paid for goods or services but they are not what you requested
  • You have returned the goods, but have not yet received a refund

In addition to contacting us, we recommend that you contact the merchant as they may be able to resolve this transaction issue quickly for you. It is also helpful to keep copies of all records, including vouchers, ATM receipts and correspondence, to assist with any subsequent investigation.

These are guidelines only and if it is found after investigation that the transaction is in fact valid, then you will be required to make payment. A service fee may also apply, please refer to the Transaction and Service fees brochure

To dispute a particular transaction, you can call our Cards team on 0800 888 111, 24hrs, 7 days a week, or from overseas call +64 9 912 8000 (international toll charges apply), or visit your nearest Westpac Branch. Please note that after 8pm on weekdays and 5pm on weekends, Card Services are only available for reduced services which include:

  • Lost and stolen cards
  • Emergency card and cash requests
  • Card fraud transaction verification

For more information, refer to the Westpac Credit Card Conditions of Use for the applicable card.