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a. agree that my use of any Westpac products and services will be subject to the General Terms & Conditions, the Transaction and Service Fees brochure, and any other applicable terms and conditions Westpac tells me about, and that I will read them as they contain important statements about my rights and obligations;

b. understand that by completing this application form I will be providing personal information about me which will be held securely by Westpac New Zealand Limited and/or any entity within the Westpac group. Information provided by me will be used now and in the future to provide me with information on the full range of financial services offered by Westpac New Zealand Limited and/or any entity within the Westpac group, and will otherwise be held and dealt with in accordance with the General Terms & Conditions and Privacy Statement;

c. acknowledge that any accounts opened for me at this time will be opened as "restricted accounts", which means that I will be able to deposit money but will not be able to take money out or transfer money until I have provided Westpac with acceptable identification; and

d. certify that all information provided by me to Westpac is true, correct and complete, and understand that if it is not true, correct and complete, this application may be declined and/or I may be liable to Westpac.

See the Westpac Privacy Policy for information on how we deal with your personal information.