Improve the way you pay with Go to Pay.

Compare cards and solutions

Virtual card numbers

Using your online portal, generate single or multi-use card numbers, unique to each supplier or spending need.

Real-time spending controls

See exactly where and how cards are being used. Make sure that spend meets policy on approved categories and suppliers.

Automated approvals

Minimise unauthorised spending by creating user groups with approved spending limits in defined cost centres.

Enhanced reporting, 24/7.

Configure reporting for each card number online, 24/7. Integration available with most expense management systems.

Reduce fraud

With spending controls and unique card numbers to each user and supplier – reduce the potential of your card being fraudulently used.

Improve cashflow

Enjoy up to 53 days interest free and pay by direct debit on a regular billing cycle.

How it works.

Go to Pay is a flexible and secure way to organise payments to your suppliers. Using a pre-approval workflow, automate and manage the payment of invoices for business expenses.

The online portal allows you to generate and issue virtual credit card numbers for payment to suppliers with controls based on predetermined spending requirements. Spend data can be captured, configured, and sent to your reporting and financial systems.

Go to Pay is based on the Mastercard InControl platform.

Rates & fees.

Enable Go to Pay for your business from $35 including GST per annum.

How to apply.

Go to Pay is scalable to the size of your business. Call us 8.30am to 5pm weekdays to talk about your requirements, or email

Things you should know.

Westpac's current credit card lending criteria apply to all applications and transfers. The Business Mastercard Conditions of Use apply. Other terms and conditions for Go to Pay, please see:

Westpac Go to Pay Terms and Conditions

Mastercard® and the Mastercard brand mark are registered trademarks of Mastercard International Incorporated.

Business Cards are only available for business purposes and not for personal, domestic or household purposes.