Added protection for your e-commerce facility.

3D Secure is an online authentication system offered by Mastercard® as 'Mastercard SecureCode®' and Visa as 'Verified by Visa'. The system confirms the identity of the cardholder by asking for authentication when they enter their card details on an online payment page. This usually takes a few seconds to complete, ensuring there is no disruption to the payment process.

How 3D Secure works.


Cardholder enters credit or debit card number on payment page.

Cardholder may be asked to verify their identity - this could be a request to enter a one-time code that has been sent to their mobile phone or a password only known to them. The issuing bank of the card used has control over what details are needed to verify the cardholder.

Authentication details are provided to the cardholder's issuing bank.

Transaction is completed.

What are the benefits of 3D Secure?

Reduce the risk of fraud related chargebacks

If a cardholder raises a payment dispute (chargeback) for a purchase that's been authenticated through the 3D Secure system, it's much less likely to be upheld as an unauthorised purchase by the card schemes Mastercard, Visa and UnionPay International.

Protect your business from card fraud

Fraudsters with stolen credit or debit cards are less likely to target your e-commerce site if you have an extra authentication step in place before the transaction is completed.

Provide peace of mind to your customers

When you enable 3D Secure, you can display the 'Mastercard SecureCode' or 'Verified by Visa' emblem on your e-commerce site. This means customers who transact with you know that their card details are protected by an extra layer of security.

How can I get 3D Secure?

If you're a Westpac merchant, Mastercard's 3D Secure system Mastercard SecureCode can be integrated with your e-commerce facility by your payment gateway provider.

Westpac works with the following gateway providers:

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Things you should know.

Mastercard® is a registered trademark and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

3D Secure is governed by the Merchant Services Agreement.