Introducing our API service.

Westpac's Direct from Account® integrates with your payment platform - giving Westpac customers the ability to securely make online payments directly from their bank accounts. They simply login to authenticate themselves, select their account then pay without ever leaving the website. No scheme credit or debit card is required. Easy. 

In 2018 Westpac formed a pioneering partnership with Datacom to support their innovative payment method known as Datacom Real Time Debit©, which is offered to Westpac customers looking to making online payments on a Datacom provided gateway service. 

If a Westpac customer chooses Datacom Real Time Debit as a payment option, the payment request will be managed via the secure authentication process with Westpac's Direct from Account service. 

Other banks are now also participating in this service, meaning more customers than ever before are choosing to make payments in this way - and looking for businesses who have the capability to accept them. 

Key features.

  • Accurate reconciliation data with each payment: The reference data is supplied by the business, so there's no need to rely on your customers to enter any details.
  • Lower compliance requirements: No card information or customer login credentials pass through your systems, reducing  PCI DSS requirements and the risk of fraud. 
  • Secure online payments without the need for a scheme card: Opportunity to broaden your customer base and include customers who don't have a scheme card.
  • Fast settlement: Funds are cleared within a few seconds to a Westpac account and within a few hours on the same working day to other banks.  
  • Seamless payment experience: Westpac customers don't need to have credit card or bank account numbers on hand - customers simply use their Westpac login to access their online banking, then choose the account they want to make payment from.
  • Fraud protection for customers: Westpac customers that use Direct from Account are covered by the same fraud protection service offered with their online banking. Westpac's Online Guardian assesses all customer logins for unusual activities - providing peace of mind.

How Westpac Direct from Account works.

The Direct from Account API provides a secure connection to Westpac and allows Westpac customers to use their online banking credentials within a secure micro-service.

The Direct from Account API prompts the customer to follow these steps:



Using their Westpac One® login credentials.

Select the 'from' account.

Reference details provided by the business automatically populate the reference fields.

Make payment.

Westpac checks the transaction, then sends a success or failure message.
To access Westpac Direct from Account you need to have access to Westpac One set up and a transactional account with Westpac.

Info you need to know.

  • The Direct from Account service does not offer scheme protection for your customers, which means once the payment has been authorised it cannot be cancelled or reversed  
  • Payments must be authorised within 10 minutes to complete 
  • Each payment is restricted to a maximum of $10,000 and will be subject to a Westpac customer’s daily limit  
  • This service can only be used by online customers who have a Westpac transaction account and can approve a payment using their Westpac One login details.  

Get hands on with our APIs.

If you're a developer or business customer interested in using Westpac's APIs in your application, head to to register your interest.  

Our Developer Relationship Managers will work with you and your organisation to become accredited. You can launch your application once your API Services Agreement is in place and we have approved your API platform application. 

Want to know more?

Visit the Westpac API Developer Portal or email the team directly.

Things you should know.

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