Introducing our API service.

Online EFTPOS allows customers to pay for online purchases from their account, using their mobile banking app - without the need for businesses to handle any sensitive card data.

Online shoppers simply select Online EFTPOS on the participating retailer's website and type in their mobile number or customer ID which triggers a payment request to be sent to their mobile banking app for a one-click approval.

That's it, it’s the safer and easier way to pay online, your customers never need to expose their payment or banking credentials.

Using bank approved APIs and mobile banking apps Online EFTPOS provides a secure alternative to the non-bank approved 'screen-scraping' payment options that exist in the market.

See Worldline for more information.

Key features.

  • Accurate reconciliation data for each payment: The reference data is prepopulated, so there's no need to rely on your customers to enter any details.
  • Lower compliance requirements: No card information or customer login credentials pass through your systems, reducing the risk of fraud and PCI DSS requirements.
  • Fast settlement: Funds are cleared within a few seconds to Westpac merchant accounts and cleared to merchants with other banks within a few hours on working days. 
  • Seamless payment experience: Customers don't need to have credit card or bank account numbers to hand.
  • Fraud protection for customers: Westpac customers that use Online EFTPOS are covered by the same fraud protection service offered with their online banking.
  • Refunds: These are done in near real time - if you request the refund your customer has this money back in their bank account soon after.

How Online EFTPOS works.

Our integration with Worldline Online EFTPOS API provides a secure connection from the participating merchant with Westpac, and enables the customer who is making purchases to use their online banking credentials to login to their online banking and approve (or decline) a payment request.

Other participating banks have also set up integrations with Worldline to enable them to process Online EFTPOS payments when their customers make online purchases from your business.

See Worldline's website for more information.

Info you need to know.

  • Online EFTPOS payments are not covered by card scheme protection for your customers, which means once the payment has been authorised they are final
  • Payments must be authorised within a certain timeframe (6 minutes for Westpac customers) to complete the purchase
  • Each payment is currently restricted to a maximum of $5,000 and will be subject to a Westpac daily limit set by the bank. Other participating banks have also set daily limits
  • This service can only be used by online customers who have a transaction account and can approve a payment using their mobile banking app
  • Businesses will need to engage and sign up with Worldline, in order to enable Online EFTPOS as an online payment option
  • Westpac (and other participating banks) provide the payments infrastructure for the payment requests to be presented in their mobile banking app and processed for approval back to the participating business.

Want to know more?

For developers, a guide for Online EFTPOS API is available.

To find out more call a Worldline Business Account Manager on 0800 729 627 or email

Things you should know.

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