Growing your business

At Westpac, we've shared the journey with many businesses as they've gone from strength to strength. We know it's hard work, but we've got a dedicated local team of Westpac Business Managers who know how they can help. You can also find some handy tools and solutions to help you get started below.

If your business is going places, then check out these top strategies for growing your business - we're committed to helping your business grow.

  1. Buying and investing in other businesses

    Expanding your organisation by buying another business can be rewarding, but only if you consider the right factors. You need to ensure you have good reasons to expand, that your new venture will complement your current business, and to account for various financial factors.

  2. Improving cashflow

    Most small businesses experience cash flow problems at some point. Getting a loan or overdraft may seem like the obvious solution. But before you do this, it's worth investigating how you can free up cash within your business.

  3. Growing your business online

    Trading online is part of growing a successful business. The opportunities available to small business owners by having an online presence is hard to quantify - here we look at some of the benefits of online growth.

  4. How to budget for expansion

    It's common for business owners to feel daunted by the idea of growing their business, as expanding a business has financial implications. Budgeting carefully will help ensure your plans for growth go as smoothly as possible.

  5. Creating value in your business

    Here are some ways to create, protect, and increase the value of your business.

  6. How to encourage innovation and evaluate new product ideas

    This section outlines how to encourage innovation in your business. It also covers some key points to consider when evaluating new product ides.