Branches & ATMs

As one of NZ’s largest full service banks, we cater to over 1.2 million customers. As you'd imagine, we have a large branch network and heaps of ATM machines to provide personal and business banking services across the country. 

Branches & HelpStations


We’ve got a network of approximately 170 branches and well over 600 ATM's around NZ including over 160 Smart ATMs, most with 24/7 access to do your banking anytime.

From cashing cheques to opening a savings account, organising your home loan or seeking advice on your retirement savings options, our staff can help you find the right solution for your financial needs.

Our usual opening hours are Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 4.30pm. There are exceptions however, for example some are open Wednesdays between 9.30am and 4.30pm. Many are also open late nights and weekends. Simply use our branch locator to find your local service and hours.

Online Banking Kiosks in branches

Access your Westpac Online Banking when you’re away from home at an Online Banking Kiosk. These are available in many of our branches around the country.


A Westpac HelpStation, is a specialised branch where the staff provide personalised quality assistance on a range of products and services including home loans, new accounts, overdrafts, personal loans and term deposits.

A HelpStation doesn’t handle cash in the traditional sense i.e. all deposits and withdrawals are processed in our assisted self-serve machines, to ensure our HelpStation team can spend quality face to face time with you.

Find out more about our HelpStation services

Locate a Branch or HelpStation

Check out our branch locator to find your nearest branch; more about their services, operating hours and key branch staff contacts.

You’ll also be able to locate branches that offer special services including:

Standard & Smart ATMs

Standard ATMs

We have approximately 460 Westpac Standard ATMs throughout NZ. You can do most of your routine banking this way while you’re on the go.

It's not just about automating cash withdrawals these days. You can transfer money, make credit card payments – even top up your Vodafone prepaid phone.

Smart ATMs

In addition to our Standard ATMs we have over 160 Smart ATMs throughout NZ. Smart ATMs offer all the services of a standard ATM and more.

You can make deposits into your Westpac accounts - cash deposits will be available immediately and cheques follow normal clearance times. This clever machine will also print cheque details on the back of your receipt.

Deposits made using a Smart ATM are considered electronic deposits which are charged either low or no fees. A summary of fees can be found here.

Bill payments can be made with your Westpac card or cash at Smart ATMs to the organisations below:

  • Westpac Credit Cards
  • Contact Energy
  • Accident Compensation Corporation (levy payments)
  • IRD
  • GE Money
  • Collection House
  • Dun & Bradstreet
  • Lion Finance
  • NZ Police
  • Baycorp
  • West Coast Regional Council

Te Reo Maori

A Maori language option is available on most of our ATMs. Functions such as balance enquiries, withdrawals and deposits can now be transalated into Te Reo Maori. Find out more.

ATM Deposit Boxes

For larger deposits, businesses can use ATM Deposit Boxes to deposit their Red Bags. Generally when you make a deposit it will be deposited into your account overnight, if you make a deposit after normal clearance times it will be credited by the end of the following clearance day. For clearance times please refer to the information on the Smart ATM or Standard ATM you are using. Cheques will also follow normal clearance processing times.

Note these deposits are treated as manual deposits, and the manual deposit fee for the account applies. Other fees i.e. cash handling fees may apply.

Visiting from overseas and need cash from an ATM?

If your overseas bank is part of the ATM Global Alliance you can save by getting cash from a Westpac ATM. Please refer to your own bank to check eligibility.

Talking ATMs

All of our ATMs are ‘Talking ATMs’. These machines allow customers to use a headset to listen to audio cues in order to help with transactions.

We've worked closely with community groups to ensure 'Talking ATMs' meet the needs of visually impaired customers. Simply step inside a branch and chat to one of our staff. They can give you a demo, and even provide you with a complimentary headset.

Braille labelling is also provided on all ATMs.

Locate an ATM

Use our ATM locator to find your closest machine.