CashNav FAQs

All credit accounts and the following Westpac transactional and savings accounts are eligible for CashNav:

Westpac Everyday
Choices Everyday
Westpac Bonus Saver
Simple Saver

Note: Only eligible accounts linked to your online banking will be available in CashNav.

For transactional accounts and debits cards you will see any transaction made at a retailer, online shopping, direct debits, payments, automatic payments, fees, interest and ATM withdrawals For credit cards you will see all transactions made at a retailer and recurring payments. Some online shopping, ATM withdrawals, fees and interest will not currently show up in CashNav but this functionality will be available shortly.

CashNav is available on iPhone and an Android Smartphones. iPhones will need to have iOS 8 and above installed, and Android phones need to be running on Android OS 4.4 or above.

The typical spend figure is reflective of how much you have spent at a particular point in time of that given month, so it resets to $0 on the first of every month.

The Spending Meter gives you a quick overview of how much you have spent so far this month compared to your monthly typical spend at that time in the month. It also lets you know how much you are above or below your typical spend. Green indicates that you are spending below typical, amber is typical and red is above typical.

CashNav averages previous months of your transaction history to calculate your typical spending. Your transaction history will include any eligible transaction made from your CashNav enabled accounts. On first sign up this will be up to your previous 3 months transaction history.

The Monthly Spending Graph gives you a week to week view of your overall spending for the current month. It’s also displayed against your average monthly spending trend so you can quickly compare if you’re spending more, less or about the same as usual.

CashNav tracks your daily spending habits and notifies you in CashNav if you have spent much more than usual.

CashNav automatically categories your transactions into one of 12 categories that are split into wants or needs. These categories are cash, eating out, shopping, fees, travel, entertainment, home, groceries, transportation, utilities, education and health.
The Categories are pre-set and cannot be changed, however there is also 9 ‘other’ categories that can be used and will not show up in your spending meter or spending graphs. These are gifts, donations, taxes, account transfers, business expenses, income, investments and payments.

To change a transactions category just tap on the category icon next to the transaction, then select the desired category. You can do this from your app notification or transaction history.

Auto log-in allows you to access your CashNav app without having to log in every time. It’s recommended that you use a PIN or TouchID on your device to preserve the security of CashNav and your other apps.
Should you not use a PIN or TouchID on your device, please don’t enable auto log-in on CashNav.

Each time you make a transaction you will receive an automatic notification to your phone to give you an update of your spending. Just swipe on this notification to take you to the spending notification in CashNav where you can manage the categorisation of your transaction.

To turn off notifications go to ‘Menu’ and then ‘My Profile’ in your CashNav app. From there you can turn the CashNav notifications on or off.

To unlink an account, go to ‘Menu’ and then ‘Account Settings’ in your CashNav app. From there you can unlink individual accounts.

CashNav only analyses your spend. Any deposits made into your accounts will not be reflected in any CashNav figures or graphs.

You need to be a Westpac customer to use Westpac One online Banking. Sign up to Westpac One by:

  • Calling us on 0800 400 600 and we’ll sort it out over the phone, or
  • Calling +64 9 912 8000 if you’re overseas (international toll charges apply), or
  • Visiting us at any Westpac branch