Westpac Alerts

We all get busy and sometimes forget important things. Alerts can update you on what’s happening with your accounts, so you can take action and be more in control of your money.

Why set up alerts?

So you know how much you have in your accounts
Set up an alert to get a regular balance update, or when your money goes above or below a set amount.

To help avoid fees

Get notified when a payment doesn’t go through or when your credit card bill is due. 

 To feel more secure

Keep track of your online activity, like when there’s a login to your Westpac One. 

More about alerts and types of alerts 

How to set up alerts in Westpac One online banking

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    Once logged in to Westpac One tap here.

    (Skip this step on desktop)

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    Tap ‘setup and manage alerts’ and follow the instructions.

Ready to go?

If you're a Westpac customer, you can set up alerts in Westpac One:

Login to Westpac One 

New to Westpac? Set up a Westpac transaction account online – then log in to Westpac One online banking. 

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