Saluting our fallen soldiers

148 staff from across the country fought in the First World War. Five of these men were decorated for their services while 32 of them never returned home. We're honouring the contribution, suffering and sacrifice of these men - and of all others who served in the war.

Staff who died or were decorated

This information below was recorded in the Bank of New South Wales Roll of Honour published in 1921.


1st Wellington Infantry, NZ Expeditionary Force

Branch: Napier

Balfour was born in Napier on 26 September 1894 and joined the Napier branch as a ledger keeper in 1911.

On 17 August 1914, he enlisted as a Signaller. Balfour died on 7 June 1917, laying a communication line in the front line trenches during the Battle of Messines.


Meritorious Service Medal
Samoan Expeditionary Force, 1st Battalion NZ Rifle Brigade

Branch: Auckland

Beattie was born in Brisbane on 27 December 1894 and joined the Auckland branch on 20 December 1911.

He enlisted on 6 August 1914 as a member of the Expeditionary Force which captured German Samoa. Beattie was then in the 1st Battalion Rifle Brigade and promoted to sergeant serving in Tripoli and France until 1917. For his services he was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal, and was promoted to lieutenant.


2nd Battalion, NZ Rifle Brigade

Branch: Napier and Christchurch

Beckett was born in Hawkes Bay on 17 August 1896. He joined the Napier branch on 5 September 1912 before transferring to the Christchurch branch in 1915.

He enlisted with the 2nd Battalion Rifle Brigade but was killed by shrapnel while working with the wiring party in ‘No man's land’ in France on 28 May 1916.


3rd Battalion, NZ Rifle Brigade

Branch: Auckland and Newton

Bremner was born in Dunedin on 13 October 1896. He joined the Auckland branch in April 1914 before transferring to the Newton branch later that year.

He enlisted on 16 October 1915 and sailed with the 3rd Battalion of the NZ Rifle Brigade on 5 February 1916. On 15 September 1916, Bremner was posted "missing" and subsequently reported as "killed in action" at Flers on the Somme.


11th Taranaki Rifles, NZ Expeditionary Force

Branch: Auckland and New Plymouth

Cargo was born in East Tamaki, Auckland on 12 February 1892. He joined the Auckland branch on 26 October 1910 and later transferred to the New Plymouth branch as a ledger-keeper.

He enlisted on August 1914 and won promotion to second lieutenant. Cargo was killed in action at the Dardanelles on 3 June 1915.


NZ Expeditionary Force

Branch: Christchurch

Chambers was born in Christchurch on 3 October 1896. He joined the the Christchurch branch on 3 October 1912 and later transferred to Ashburton.

He enlisted on 18th January 1915, and saw service in Egypt, Gallipoli and France. Chambers was killed by shell fire at Messines on 7th June 1917.


9th Wellington Regiment, NZ Expeditionary Force

Branch: Gisborne and Tokomaru Bay

Davis was born in Waipukurau on 16 September 1894. He joined the Gisborne branch on 11 June 1912 and later transferred to Tokomaru Bay in 1914.

He enlisted on 15 August 1914 and was appointed to corporal before being promoted to sergeant. On 5 September that year,  Davis was shot by a Turkish sniper at Gallipoli and died on the following day.


2nd South Canterbury Regiment, NZ Expeditionary Force

Branch: Stratford, Hawera, Wellington and Timaru

Dewhirst was born in England on 22 May 1891. He joined the Stratford branch on 29 May 1908 before transferring to Hawera, Wellington and finally Timaru branch.

He enlisted on 17 August 1914 and was promoted to sergeant. Dewhirst was in the opening of the Gallipoli Campaign and was killed in action on 8 May 1915 by a Turkish bullet at Sai Bair.

10th North Otago Battalion, NZ Expeditionary Force

Branch: Timaru and Oamaru

Dunsford was born in Invercargill on 23 July 1891. He joined the Timaru branch on 1 October 1908 before transferring to the Oamaru branch in 1912.

He enlisted on 17 August 1914 and was promoted to sergeant. On 3 May 1915, Dunsford was killed in action at Quinn's Post, Gallipoli.


2nd Wellington Infantry, NZ Expeditionary Force

Branch: New Plymouth and Hastings

Grant was born in Inglewood on 20 July 1895.  He joined the New Plymouth branch on 20 August 1912 and later transferred to the Hastings branch in 1914.

He enlisted on 24 July 1916 and was promoted to corporal. Grant was killed by an enemy bullet in France on 27 March 1918.


Wellington Infantry, NZ Expeditionary Force

Branch: New Plymouth

Griffiths was born in Thames on 9 July 1888. He joined the New Plymouth branch on 9 July 1908 before transferring to Christchurch, Australia and then back to the New Plymouth branch in 1913.

He enlisted in September 1914 and was promoted to corporal. Griffiths died after being wounded in action on 15 August 1915 in Cairo.


Rifle Brigade, NZ Expeditionary Force

Branch: New Plymouth and Ohaeawai

Guild was born in Oamaru on 28 December 1896. He joined the New Plymouth branch on 16 May 1914 and transferred to Ohaeawai in 1915.

He enlisted on 1 February 1916 and was promoted to sergeant. Guild was killed in action at Messines on 7 June 1917.


1st Otago Battalion, NZ Expeditionary Force

Branch: Christchurch and Wellington

Hardie was born in Christchurch on 23 April 1894. He joined the Christchurch branch on 1 July 1912 and then transferred to the Inspector's office in Wellington.

Hardie enlisted on 27 June 1916. He was killed in his first battle at Messines on 7 June 1917.


3rd Battalion, 3rd Canterbury Regiment, NZ Expeditionary Force

Branch: Christchurch

Hardy was born in New Plymouth on 9 May 1896 and joined the Christchurch branch on 23 March 1913.

He enlisted on 10 February 1916 but was killed in action while acting as a brigade runner at Passchendaele on 19 October 1917.


2nd South Canterbury Co, 1st Canterbury Regiment, NZ Expeditionary Force

Branch: Hastings, Auckland, Dannevirke, Invercargill and Timaru

Hardy was born in Hawkes Bay on 10 May 1889. He joined the Hastings branch on 21 June 1907 before transferring to Auckland, Dannevirke, Invercargill and finally Timaru.

He enlisted on 17 December 1915 and was promoted to sergeant. Hardy died from wounds received while in action in France on 28 July 1917.


3rd Battalion, NZ Rifle Brigade

Branch: Hastings

Harper was born in Hastings on 24 October 1892 and joined the Hastings branch on 18 March 1909. 

He enlisted on 7 September 1915 and was promoted to sergeant-major. On 7 June 1917 he was hit by a shell and killed instantly at the Battle of Messines.


40th Reinforcements, NZ Field Artillery

Branch: Auckland

Howard was born in Gisborne on 2 July 1896 and joined the Auckland branch on 26 June 1913.

He enlisted in June 1917 but died at sea from influenza on 6 September 1918.


Canterbury Mounted Rifles, NZ Expeditionary Force

Branch: Dannevirke and Amberley

Hunter was born in Dannevirke on 16 January 1894. He joined the Dannevirke branch in February 1911 and later transferred to the Amberley branch in 1914.

He enlisted immediately on the outbreak of the war and went away with the Main Body. Hunter was killed at Gallipoli on 26 May 1915. No photograph of Trooper Hunter is available.


Military Medal
1st Battalion, NZ Rifle Brigade

Branch: Wellington, Tokomaru Bay and Ashburton

Jennens was born in Nelson on 16 March 1894. He joined the Wellington branch on 21 May 1911 before transferring to Tokomaru Bay then Ashburton.

He enlisted on 18 October 1916 and was promoted to sergeant- major. Jennens served with distinction in France and was awarded the Military Medal for bravery in action at Havrincourt Wood, but was killed soon afterwards.


1st Battery, 24th NZ Field Artillery

Branch: Thames, Napier, Gisborne and Tokomaru Bay

Judd was born in Thames on 12 July 1895. He joined the Thames branch on 6 September 1913 before transferring to Napier, Gisborne and finally Tokomaru Bay branch.

He enlisted in late 1916 and went to France, where he was almost continually in action until 1918. While taking a couple of days rest behind the lines, he helped tend the artillery horses. On 24 October 1918 the Germans shelled the tethered horses and while moving them to safety he was struck by a fragment of shell and died 3 or 4 days later in hospital.


No. 20168, 3rd Battalion, NZ Rifle Brigade

Branch: Carterton and Wellington

Kemble was born in Wairarapa on 1 December 1894. He joined the Carterton branch on 23 January 1913 before transferring to the Wellington branch the following year.

He enlisted in March 1916 and was promoted to lance-corporal. Kemble was killed in action at Messines on 7 June 1917.


9th Battery, NZ Field Artillery, NZ Expeditionary Force

Branch: Timaru and Wellington

Knubley was born in Timaru on 21 December 1878. He joined the Geraldine branch on 29 December 1897 but also worked at the Timaru and Wellington branches before being appointed manager of Lautoka branch in Fiji in September 1914.

He enlisted on 5 July 1915 as a sergeant then became a bombardier. Knubley was wounded by shrapnel on 19 September 1916 near High Wood and removed to England where he died from his wounds in the hospital on 19 October 1916.


Military Cross and Bar
No. 20173, 3rd Battalion, Rifle Brigade; 2nd Battalion, Wellington Regiment, NZ Expeditionary Force

Branch: Napier

Law was born in Dannevirke on 13 September 1897 and joined the Napier branch on 10 August 1914.

He enlisted on 17 March 1916 and was promoted to lance-corporal in September 1918. Law was a runner in the Battles of Messines, La Bassaville, Passchendaele, and the Somme. He was awarded the Military Medal for bravery in September 1918. Two weeks later, he gained a bar to this medal for additional acts of bravery in the field.


1st Canterbury Regiment Infantry, NZ Expeditionary Force

Branch: Christchurch

Leversedge was born in Christchurch on 15 March 1894 and joined the Christchurch branch on 25 January 1911.

He enlisted in August 1914 and served in the Landing at Gallipoli in April 1915. Leversedge became ill at Quinn's Post and was invalided to England then to New Zealand suffering from tuberculosis. After two years at the Cashmere Sanatorium he appeared to be recovering, but then died from the influenza epidemic on 24 November 1918.


4th Reinforcements, NZ Expeditionary Force

Branch: Masterton

Lorenzen was born in Carterton on 2 April 1893 and joined the Masterton branch on 23 August 1911.

He enlisted on 11 August 1914 and joined his battalion at Anzac Cove on 28 July 1915. Lorenzen was reported "missing" in August and the Board of Enquiry believed him to be dead.


No. 1 Machine Gun Company, 9th NZ Infantry Brigade

Branch: Invercargill and Lawrence

McFarland was born in Auckland on 6 August 1891. He joined the Blenheim branch on 1 October 1907 before transferring to the Invercargill and then the Lawrence branch.

He enlisted soon after the outbreak of war and was first wounded at Gallipoli, then again in France during the Battle of the Somme. McFarland was promoted to corporal until he was killed by enemy fire on 12 October 1917.


23rd Reinforcements, NZ Expeditionary Force

Branch: Greymouth, Hokitika, Christchurch, Nelson and Patea

McQueen was born in Dunedin on 24 November 1892. He joined the Greymouth branch on 14 May 1910 before transferring to Hokitika, Christchurch, Nelson and finally the Patea branch in 1913.

He enlisted on 13 November 1916 and was promoted to lance-corporal. McQueen was killed near the village of Mailly Mallet while reading letters from home in the front line trenches.


2nd Auckland Battalion, NZ Expeditionary Force

Branch: Westport, Auckland, Wellington, Napier, Shannon and Ohaeawai

Moffat was born in Westport on 2 December 1882. He joined the Westport branch on 7 February 1901 before transferring to the Auckland, Wellington and Napier branches. He also served as the acting-manager at the Shannon and Ohaeawai branches.

He enlisted in January 1917 and was later appointed corporal. Moffat was killed in action by a machine-gun bullet at Bancourt on 30 August 1918.


Wellington Battalion, NZ Expeditionary Force

Branch: New Plymouth and Hawera

Mulloy was born in Taranaki on 18 November 1985. He joined the New Plymouth branch on 17 January 1912 and then transferred to Hawera.

He enlisted in August 1914 and was later promoted to sergeant. On 28 April 1915, three days after landing at Gallipoli, Mulloy was killed by enemy gun fire at Walker's Ridge.

Lieutenant E. Morgan, of the Taranaki Company, wrote to Sergeant Mulloy's father in June 1915: "Your son, who was a sergeant in my platoon, met his death bravely on 28th April at the front at Gaba Tepe Point, shot through the head. It is with regret I have to tell you this sad news, but I feel it my duty as his platoon commander. I could never have wished for a better sergeant and it grieves me to think I have lost him for good."


Military Cross and Bar
2nd and 4th Batteries,  NZ Field Artillery

Branch: Christchurch

Park was born in Blenheim on 7 October 1893 and joined the Christchurch branch on 13 August 1912.

He enlisted in August 1914 as a gunner and was promoted to bombardier, corporal, sergeant, second-lieutenant and lieutenant during his service. Park was wounded at Suvla Bay, Gallipoli in August 1915 and then returned to the Peninsula where he served until the evacuation. Park was awarded the Military Cross in 1917 for his bravey at the battles of Somme and Messines.

The announcement of the decoration stated that “Lieut. G. R. Park, when under heavy shell fire with his battery, distinguished himself by attending to two of his wounded men, setting a splendid example of courage and disregard of personal safety. His conduct has on all occasions been marked by the same fine qualities."


12th (Nelson) Company, 1st Canterbury Batteries, NZ Expeditionary Force

Branch: Timaru and Westport

Pearce was born in Waimate on 22 February 1893. He joined the Timaru branch in September 1911 before transferring to Westport in 1912 and returning to Timaru in 1915.

He enlisted on 18 October 1916 and was promoted to second-lieutenant. On 25 August 1918, Pearce was wounded in action at Bapaume and died on the same day.


5th Otago Mounted Rifles, Main Body, NZ Expeditionary Force

Branch: Invercargill, Wellington, Amberley and Dunedin

Pyle was born in Otago on 17 January 1889. He joined the Invercargill branch in January 1906 and then worked at the Wellington, Amberley and Dunedin branches.

Pyle enlisted on 10 August 1914 and was killed on 6 August 1915 in a night attack on the top of Bauchop's Ridge. His body was brought down the next day by his brother and other comrades and was buried near the foot of No. 3 Outpost.


17th Battalion, 5th Brigade. Australian Imperial Force

Branch: New Plymouth and Dannevirke

Simpson was born in Whangarei on 14 August 1887. He joined the Napier branch on 18 April 1904 before working in the New Plymouth and Dannevirke branches. He then transferred to the Kyneton and Sydney branches in Australia.

Simpson enlisted in February 1915 and was promoted to lance-corporal then corporal. While in Gallipoli he was invalided to England. He rejoined his unit and was wounded in the Battle of Pozieres in France. On 29 July 1916, he was wounded again by a shell in the abdomen and for several hours lay in a shell hole in No Man's Land. Peritonitis then set in and he died at the dressing station.

Captain Nigel Smith, R.M.O., of the 17th Battalion, wrote that Neville Simpson was loved and respected by all his comrades.


6th Mounted Rifles, 9th Wellington Mounted Rifles, NZ Expeditionary Force

Branch: Pahiatua, Palmerston North and Eketahuna

Smith was born in Masterton on 19 October 1891. He joined the Pahiatua branch on 1 October 1908 before working at the Palmerston North and Eketahuna branches.

He enlisted on 10 June 1915 and was killed in action on 14 November 1917 at Ayun Kara, Palestine.  

His officer, Lieutenant Simpson, described him as "a dashing soldier, whose place would be hard to fill and whose example was one to be proud of."


Military Medal
No. 44535, Wellington Infantry Battalion, NZ Expeditionary Force

Branch: Dannevirke and Kawakawa

Thomson was born in Hawkes Bay on 15 July 1896. He joined the Dannevirke branch on 12 April 1914 and then transferred to Kawakawa the following year before returning to Dannevirke in 1916.

He enlisted on 8 January 1917 and was promoted to corporal. He was also awarded the Military Medal for conspicuous bravery in the field. On 4 November 1918, Thomson was killed by a sniper while shifting his Lewis machine gun to a better position for fire. This was only a few days before the Armistice.

Full list of staff who served

Below is a full list of staff who served in the war and the branch they worked in prior to enlisting. This information was recorded in the Bank of New South Wales Roll of Honour published in 1921.

  • Archibald, Robert - Wellington

  • Balfour, Norman Buchanan - Napier

  • Bartholomew, N. J. - Auckland

  • Beattie, Joseph Nesbitt - Auckland

  • Beckett, H. N. - Marton

  • Beckett, Middleton  - Christchurch

  • Bell, F. B. - Auckland

  • Boddington, A.O.D. - Wellington

  • Bollinger, G. W. - Hastings

  • Booth, H. B. H. - New Plymouth

  • Bowen, C. P. - Palmerston North

  • Brabant, R. C. S. - Auckland

  • Bransdon, R. S. - Wellington

  • Bremner, Leslie Reid - Newton

  • Bridge, Reginald - Kaponga

  • Broderick, Norman Aylmer - Wellington

  • Brown, F. A. R. - Geraldine

  • Brown, F. H. - Pahiatua

  • Brown, J. H. R. - New Zealander who worked for Westpac Australia

  • Brown, W. A. - Auckland

  • Burnside, E. H. - Carterton

  • Campbell, G. D. - Timaru

  • Cargo, James Roy - New Plymouth

  • Carpenter, F. V. - Kawakawa

  • Cartwright, J. F. - Thames

  • Caverhill, K. J. - Wellington

  • Chambers, Reginald Courtney - Ashburton

  • Christie, L. C. S. C. - Masterton

  • Christie, W. C. - Stratford

  • Clark, G. H. F. - Stratford

  • Clausen, H. C. - Hamilton

  • Cook, E. A. - Masterton

  • Davidson, A. L. - Gisborne

  • Davis, Llewellyn Thomas - Tokomaru Bay

  • Dewhirst, Edward - Timaru

  • Dunsford, Norman Guthrie Chalmers - Oamaru

  • Esson, A. F. - Kawakawa

  • Farnall, N. R. - Christchurch

  • Francis, G. R. - Wellington

  • Fyson, A. K. - Gisborne

  • Glen, Grey - Auckland

  • Grant, Arnold Eric - Hastings

  • Grant, A. H. - New Plymouth

  • Grant, N. G. - Pahiatua

  • Greig, C. A. - Inglewood

  • Griffiths, Sidney John - New Plymouth

  • Grut, H. L. - Auckland

  • Grut, Oliver Harvey - Whangarei

  • Guild, William Alexander - Auckland

  • Guy, R. G. - Wellington

  • Hall, C. C. - Nelson

  • Hamilton, G. C. - Edendale

  • Hamilton, H. S. - Geraldine

  • Harden, George Samuel Thorpe - Eketahuna

  • Hardie, Kinloch Sprott - Wellington

  • Hardy, Errol Leonard Gathorne - Christchurch

  • Hardy, John - Timaru

  • Hargreaves, W. F. - Wellington

  • Harper, Albert Bernard. - Hastings

  • Harper, Frank Astley - Wellington

  • Harris, L. R. - Waverley

  • Harrison, C. G. - Christchurch

  • Hart, R. B. - Ashburton

  • Hathaway, Lytton New Zealander who worked for Westpac Australia

  • Haworth, D. B. - Auckland

  • Hendry, N. M. - Waverley

  • Heslop, H. A. J. - Hastings

  • Hogg, R. F. - Marton

  • Hooker, L. W. - Carterton

  • Howard, George Stanley - Auckland

  • Hughes, W. L. M. - Eketahuna

  • Hunter, Phillip - Amberley

  • Hunter, R. F. - Auckland

  • Jennens, Charles Keith - Ashburton

  • Johnston, Guy Alexander - Wellington

  • Jones, A. I. E. - Hamilton

  • Judd, Reginald Augustine - Tokomaru Bay 

  • Kelly, F. H. - Hastings

  • Kelly, G. S. - Gisborne

  • Kemble, Cecil Robert - Wellington

  • Kenny, E. H. W.New Zealander who worked for Westpac Australia

  • Kilgour, C. F. - Tokomaru Bay

  • Knight, C. H. - Auckland

  • Knubley, M. A. - Wellington

  • Lane, H. L. - Blenheim

  • Law, Nelson Henry - Napier

  • Lawrie, G. K. - New Zealander who worked for Westpac Australia

  • Leversedge, John Charles - Christchurch

  • Lloyd, C. T. P. - Bulls

  • Loftus, L. J. - Gisborne

  • Lorenzen, Wilfred Edwin - Masterton

  • MacFarlane, A.D. - Wellington

  • Mahony, J. V. - Feilding

  • Manners, A. E. - Waverley

  • Martin, G. H. - Tokomaru Bay

  • McAlister, Norman - Naseby

  • McAlister G. B. R. - Feilding

  • McFarland T. N. - Lawrence

  • McGregor, H. L. - Wellington

  • McGregor, R. E. - Whangarei

  • McIlraith, E. S. G. - Hamilton

  • McKay, F. G. F. - Westport

  • McKellar, Alfred Cyril - Wellington

  • McQueen, Robert Harold - Patea

  • Mirfin, Melville - Palmerston North

  • Moffat, John Baird - Auckland

  • Moore, C. R. - Gisborne

  • Morison, H. B. - Wellington

  • Mulholland, F. B. - Geraldine

  • Mulloy, Martin Wattie - Hawera

  • Park, George Reginald - Christchurch

  • Pearce, John Joseph Langley - Timaru

  • Pigou, N. G. - Geraldine

  • Pike, K. M. - Pahiatua

  • Pilkington, C. M. - Geraldine

  • Pyle, W. G. - Edendale

  • Pyle, William Rupert - Dunedin

  • Renton, A. L. J. - Auckland

  • Rhind, A. E. M. - Auckland

  • Rickard, J. P. - Greymouth

  • Robbie, Francis George - Palmerston North

  • Robertson, Henry Allender - Wanganui

  • Runciman, K. G. - Gisborne

  • Saphir, Cyril Howard - Palmerston North

  • Sim, J. A. - Auckland

  • Simpson, N. W. - New Plymouth

  • Smith, Athol Wallace - Eketahuna

  • Smith, John Archibald - Palmerston North

  • Smith, N. McH. - Auckland

  • Smith, Reginald Hardy - Waverley

  • Snodgrass, W. F. - Hastings

  • Souter, R. W. - Dunedin

  • Stoddart, H. L. S. - Auckland

  • Stratford, V. W. - Napier

  • Templer, John Campbell - Greymouth

  • Thomas, N. J. - Eketahuna

  • Thompson, F. B. - Wellington

  • Thomson, Colin - Dannevirke

  • Timperley, W. P. H. - Hastings

  • Valpy, J. A. - Kawakawa

  • Waddington, E. B. - Hastings

  • Wallers, Cyril John - Auckland

  • Warren, Lewis Albert - Auckland

  • Wearne, W. A. S. - Wellington

  • Webster, I. T. - Wanganui

  • Willis, H. E. - Rawene

  • Winter, A. L. - Inglewood

  • Wright, Kenneth Plummer - Napier