Ryan Boyd 29 Oct 2020
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Healthcare, including psychology, is New Zealand’s most in-demand industry post COVID.

Healthcare is New Zealand’s most in-demand industry, with an increased need for nurses, psychologists and social workers, according to online marketplace SEEK. 

SEEK has released their latest data to show the 20 most-needed jobs in New Zealand and how demand has changed since February and COVID-19. 

Alongside healthcare, the data shows construction and labouring jobs leapt up the rankings, with a big increase in demand since February, including machine operators and roles within the building and automotive trades. 

Westpac NZ Senior Economist Satish Ranchhod says despite a rise in unemployment, many businesses are looking to hire now. 

“After a lull in hiring during the early part of the year, many businesses are starting to look for new staff and the number of job advertisements has been rising,” he says. 

“However, conditions remain mixed across the labour market.  

“Many businesses in the retail and hospitality sectors are still cautious about taking on new staff given the uncertainties around the economic outlook, including the continued restrictions on international travel.  

“In contrast, we’re seeing stronger indications for activity in sectors like construction and manufacturing, and that’s supporting growing demand for staff in those parts of the economy,” Ranchhod said. 

New Zealand's 20 most-needed jobs Current Rank Change Since February
Nursing-all roles 1 +4
Administrative Assistants   2 -1
Warehousing, Storage & Distribution 3 0
Developers / Programmers 4 0
Retail Assistants 5 -3
Automotive Trades 6 +2
Sales Representatives / Consultants 7 0
Chefs / Cooks 8 -2
Labourers 9 +6
Business / Systems Analysts 10 -1
Building Trades 11 +7
Child Welfare, Youth & Family Services 12 +21
Psychology, Counselling / Social Work  13 +21
Civil / Structural Engineering 14 -2
Account & Relationship Management  15 -1
Customer Service – Call Centre 16 -6
Machine Operators 17 +8
Management – Store  18 -5
Government / Council Roles   19 +18
Technicians     20 +2

Westpac NZ’s Senior Manager in Talent Acquisition, Clare Montgomerie, says within banking they have seen a spike in customer care roles, as well as the need for credit analysts, risk analysts, financial crime analysts and data specialists within reporting and insights. 

Since COVID has impacted New Zealand’s job market, Montgomerie’s recruitment team has seen the number of applicants for each role skyrocket. 

“We used to have around 50 people apply for each job advertised, but now we’re seeing around 250 to 300 applicants for each role,” she says. 

Her advice for dealing with this level of competition is to make yourself standout by using your network. 

“Try to find a connection to the company recruiting – maybe you have a friend who can put in a good word for you or a friend of a friend to highlight your application. 

“Also, make your key achievements clear on your CV, rather than just listing the responsibilities your previous roles had, and don’t make your CV too long,” she said. 

Montgomerie says they’ve also seen an increase in both foreigners and Kiwis abroad applying for jobs in New Zealand. 

“New Zealand is a very attractive place to live now, so we’re seeing a lot of people from the US, UK, India and Dubai applying for jobs here – but they are unable to get work visas and enter the country at the moment. 

“We’re also seeing Kiwis abroad applying for jobs here, but the New Zealanders already living here are usually prioritised for roles because those abroad could take months to arrive home. 

“Applicants with a lot of international experience are very valuable to us though, we don’t mind if they don’t have New Zealand experience on their CV,” she said. 

The recruitment specialist also recommends keeping your LinkedIn profile updated, because their talent acquisition team is also headhunting relevant people online. 

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